Thursday 24 January 2019


Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall in winter
Camellias at Heligan
A strange day yesterday: cold, grey but at times flashes of a blue sky. We decided to visit The Lost Gardens of Heligan. Not the best time of year to go to Heligan but we have a local's annual pass, so it's interesting to see the gardens through the seasons.
Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall
Not much colour this time of the year, just early flowers, like snowdrops and camillias. Only a few farm animals bracing the cold, mostly sheep at the moment.
Sheep at Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall
Sheep feeding
Lost Gardens of Heligan, CornwallThe different formal gardens are all tidy and well cared for and there are lots of woodland to walk. I like to head for the jungle and the lost valley.
Formal garden at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall
Sundial Garden
On the way to the jungle we passed the 'witches hat' (photo below) - a sculpture made of charcoal. Make of it what you will!
Witch Hat charcoal sculpture at Lost Gardens of Heligan
Witches Hat Sculpture
At last the rope bridge and jungle scenes.
Rope Bridge in the jungle at Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall
The Burma Rope Bridge
In the jungle at Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall

The jungle at the Lost Gardens of Heligan
Jungle green lake at the Lost Gardens of Heligan
After walking through the jungle we made our way back to the car. The photo below shows the view from Heligan's overflow car park - not that it was used yesterday.
View across the green fields at Heligan
Heligan's Overflow Car Park


  1. Some lovely photos Mike, are those blossoms in the first photo Camellia?

    1. Thanks Heather. Yes, the blossoms in the first photo are Camellia, they flower very early in Cornwall. I have a few flowers on the bush in my garden.

    2. Our first Camellia flower is just coming out here in Spain, we only planted the bush last year so it's still quite young.

  2. That’s a wonderful tour Mike, thanks! Your pictures are excellent and I’m very surprised to see so much green in January.

    1. Thank you Ann. Lots of greenery, probably because of lots of rain! It was even raining the morning we set off to Heligan but stopped for our visit.

  3. We had a holiday near here many years ago but never managed to visit the gardens. Even in winter I can see we missed a rare treat. Lovely photo's as always, I'm enjoying your Cornwall blog Mike.

    1. Heligan is an interesting place to visit, and can take quite a few hours to see everything. Along with the Eden Project we often visit these gardens as we get cheap annual tickets being local.

  4. Thank you! i thoroughly enjoyed my virtual outing to heligan and a timely reminder to visit agian. winter looks a wonderful time to go too without the crowds

    1. Hello CHristine, thank you. You are so right about it being a good time to visit, we saw very few people while there. Of course not much is in flower at the moment.

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