Monday, 8 July 2019

The Secret Cornish Beach : Booley Beach

Sand at Booley Beach

Booley Beach isn't well known as it is tucked away and has no facilities. It has the advantage though of being quite peaceful. I have never seen it to be very busy. 

There are no restrictions for dogs and swimming is considered safe, if the conditions are right - but care should obviously be taken and also with any inflatables. 

Path to Booley Beach, Cornwall

There are, I guess, two disadvantages to Booley: there is a walk to get to the beach (thus why it is often known as being secret) and a lot of the sand disappears at high tide. 

My photos were taken in June.

Rocks at Booley Beach, Cornwall

Okay, to get to Booley Beach the best place to park the car is at Par Sands. Go into the main car park, it's bit lumpy bumpy, and park on the left, near to the Car Park machine - regrettably, as in most car parks, there is a small charge.

From here you should be able to see the start of the Public Footpath, there's what looks like a small footbridge. The coastal path climbs from here, but this means there are lots of views over the sea.

Sign Post showing dircetions of coastal path, Cornwall

It's a well trodden path and after about ten or fifteen minutes you will see Booley Beach on the right. There's a stony path down to the sand.

If you aren't happy with the beach keep on walking and you will reach Polkerris harbour, with all the facilities required - a pub on the beach, food, ice-creams and so on. More details on my post : Photos of the Magical Polkerris Harbour, Cornwall on a Perfect Sunshine Day.

The footpath bewteen Par and Polkerris

It's also possible to reach Booley Beach from Polkeris but the village gets very busy in the summer season and car parking is limited. It's also quite a climb up the steps to join the coastal path.


  1. Another secluded beach and what a lovely place. Completely unspoiled.

    1. Thanks David, It stays unspoiled as luckily there is no nearby car park or road. Long may it stay that way!

  2. Must remember that beach thank you. So many lovely places to see in Cornwall.

    1. Thanks - yes, so many places to see in Cornwall, especially when the sun is shining!

  3. Beware Booley is landmined !!! or at least us locals say it is LOL

    1. Haha - thanks, will have that in mind when next there. Take care.




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