Wednesday 10 July 2019

Walking the Coastal Path from Polkerris, Cornwall : 12 Photos

A few photos I snapped from the coastal path after leaving Polkerris - see my Polkerris Post. It's a pleasant walk along the cliff tops, with lots of open sea views.

Only a few boats in the sea. The yachts below were from Polkerris - where various lessons are available.

Looking across to the far coastline, Carlyon Bay and Spit Beach can be seen.

The whitish looking beach, to the left of the photo below, is Carlyon Bay.

The china clay works, in the middle of the next photo, were once a hive of activity but all is now quiet.

The people paddling in the sea have walked out from Par Beach - as you can tell, the tide goes out a very long way!

Small rippling waves as the tide gradually flows in.

As well as looking out to sea, there are often interesting things happening inland. The farmer below was turning over his cut grass, which was drying out nicely in the sunshine.

The grass had just been cut on other fields.

And we were lucky enough to see a few horses roaming free in the fields.

Finally back at the sand dunes of Par Beach (also known as Par Sands).

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  1. It's a lovely walk and the views are well worth any effort.

    1. Thanks David. We love to walk the coastal paths even for a short distance - always something of interest.

  2. I love the rural look of the path and was hoping you might add some path photos after the other post. Thanks, Mike! It's a wonderful area and I always enjoy your photos. Looks like a perfect day for the sailing lessons although there doesn't seem to be much wind, which is a good thing for beginners:-) Is the public allowed to wander through the old clay works property? Just curious.

  3. Hello Ann, thank you. We had a lovely day out walking the path between Par and Polkerris. Polkerris is mentioned in Daphne du Maurier books. The sun was shining and all was well with the world - at least where we were!

    As for the china clay works, a small part of the port is still used so the public aren't allowed to wander through the works. There have been stories that it will be made into a boating harbour with apartments etc. But things move slowly in Cornwall!



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