Wednesday 26 June 2019

What The Low Tide Reveals at Spit Beach, Cornwall

Looking across to Gribbin Head, Cornwall

It had been a moody day weather-wise, but the rain had finally ceased. I decided I wanted to go to Spit Beach, Par. Not an obvious choice - I have said previously the beach isn't everyone's cup of tea.

I wanted to visit Spit, though, at low tide. I checked the tide times and off we went, the tide was exactly what I wanted.

Spit Beach is tucked away next to an old china clay works. So the path is none too pretty!

Path to Spit beach, Cornwall

The path has good views though of the China Clay works - if such things interest anyone.

Walking to Spit Beach, Cornwall by china clay works

There is a footbridge to cross to get to the beach. This always brings back memories of my border collie, Toby. For some inexplicable reason he would not walk over this bridge, so I had to carry him! I never knew what his problem was with the bridge as he never refused to walk anywhere else.

Footbridge on way to Spit Beach, Cornwall

After about ten minutes walk we Spit Beach. 

Spit Beach, Par, Cornwall

I wanted to visit Spit at low tide so I could see the cliffs, caves and rocks not normally visible. I find cliffs and rocks fascinating.

The cliff in the photo below has an opening large enough to walk through.

Cliffs with pth through them at Spit Beach, Cornwall

The rocks and cliffs continue ...

Cliffs at Spit Beach, Par, Cornwall

... and it's possible to peek through the cliffs to the sea and beyond.

Spit Beach Cliffs, Cornwall

Looking out to sea shows rock pools and seaweed normally covered by water.

rock pools at Spit Beach, Cornwall at low tide

Looking along the beach, and in the far distance, is Gribbin Head - one of my favourite places to walk.

Looking across Spit Beach towards Gribbin Head, Cornwall

As the tide is out it's possible to walk (scramble!) along the coast to where there are two caves. 

Caves at Spit Beach, Cornwall, at low tide

Lots of rocks to view ...

Rocks on Spit Beach, Par, Cornwall

... and there are odds and bods in the rock pools.

Crab and seaweed on Spit Beach, Par, Cornwall

Finally we retraced our footsteps along the beach.

Looking across Spit Beach to Gribbin Head, Cornwall

And, before leaving for home, I snapped a quick photo of the inlet leading to Par Beach.

Looking across Spit towards Par Beach

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  1. Good views along this walk, I would find the flag works interesting. Strange your dog didn't fancy walking over the bridge.

    1. Thanks David. We tried everything to entice Toby across the bridge but nothing succeeded. I think it must have been the noise of footsteps on the bridge - unless he knew something we didn't!



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