Friday 12 April 2019

A Short Walk From Spit Beach to Carlyon Bay

Spit Beach, Cornwall

A while back I mentioned a short walk from Carlyon Bay, Cornwall which ended when approaching Spit Beach. So today I'm starting at Spit Beach.

Now Spit Beach isn't everybody's cup of tea. There's a pull in to park the car but then a messy path winds its way to the beach. The path isn't very attractive as it passes a china clay works. It's also known locally as - well to put it as politely as possible - 'Dog S**t Alley '. As the name suggests it's used by local dog walkers.

China clay works near Spit Beach, Cornwall

In saying that the beach isn't too bad as can be seen from the photo at the top of this post.

China Clay works, Par, Cornwall

Once at the beach there is a coastal path which leads to Carlyon Bay.

Coastal path from Spit Beach to Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

There are pleasant views of the sea and coast

Views from coastal path, Cornwall

The path climbs upwards and there are warning signs to stay away from the cliff edge. I'm not making this walk sound too good am I! But the path itself is quite safe.

Danger cliff edge warning sign, Cornwall

The sea can look quite attractive from on high - so clear at times.

View from cliffs, Cornwall

The path continues ...

South West Coastal Path, Cornwall

... until Carlyon Bay is in view. To get to the beach just keep on following the path.

Carlyon Bay beach looking from the cliffs

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  1. A very varied walk, I would be I interested to know what the buildings are.
    We have a "dog s**t" alley too, unfortunately I assume they are fairly universal.

  2. Hello David. The buidings are/were for the china clay industry. The clay is piped to the harbour in slurry form and much of this is dried in large sheds before exporting around the world - either from Par itself or Fowey.

    Today the china clay business has has almost disappeared.

    Back in 2007 there were plans to re-develop the area as part of a St Austell and Clay Country Eco-town. This was to include a new marina and 500–700 homes. But, like so many things, nothing has happened and the buildings are still used for china clay on a small scale.

  3. I remember, when we holidayed in Devon & Cornwall, seeing the area where the China Clay had been quaried in years gone by. It resembled scenes from the Moon landings,incredible!

    1. Yes, very moon like in places! They used to call china clay 'White Gold' as it was such big business and a lot of money was made - by the top dogs of course. But it also kept many working men in a job for a lot of years.

  4. Grew up in St Austell and always had a real soft spot for Spit beach. Once past dog shit alley it's very pretty. And there's nothing else there. It's a just a beach.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment. When we had a dog we would often walk him at Spit Beach - but never contributed to Dog Sh*t Alley. It's a pleasant beach but is getting more known nowadays.



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