Wednesday 31 May 2023

Cornwall in Duck Egg Blue and Other Colours

We were in St. Austell on the Bank Holiday. A strange choice perhaps, but we wanted to buy some duck egg blue fence paint.

Well, it seemed a good idea at the time. I think my wife must have been under the influence of Alan Titchmarsh! Anyway. we purchased the paint without the help of any loan sharks.

It's strange how, on a Bank Holiday, so many neighbours rev up their noisy grass mowers and strimmers.

On that note we left St. Austell and took the long exit down many steps. The building opposite is the local tax offices.

That's better, a nice touch of colour. I believe there is a Chinese saying: if you have two loaves of bread you should sell one and buy some flowers with the money. Well something like that.

 We made our way back home, and below is part of our patio  fence - that would soon be a duck egg blue colour.

I had a wander around our garden.

There's a bit of colour here and there as can be seen by the next few photos.

Below is a glance of our money tree  (crassula ovata) which is over thirty years old.

Also my wife has a few runner beans in the porch, though they will soon have to go outside.

Opposite our house there are quite a few rhododendrons running wild.

A closer look of the rhododendrons.

Our first hydrangea of the year, a white one.

This is looking across our back garden to our patio.

Ah, and at last, we have the duck egg blue fence my wife wanted, with a dark slate colour at the bottom.

A similar photo. Oh dear, just remembered we now have to paint the outside table and eight chairs.

The dark slate colour.

 I've rambled on enough, so final photos for today.

Thanks for visiting my blog.
P.S. Thought I'd better squeeze in a bit of  Cornwall's coastline ~ Mike


  1. I enjoyed this post, Mike. Your humorous quips made me laugh. Anyway, your garden is lovely, much more advanced than mine is here. My hydangeas are a long way from coming into flower. As for the duck egg blue fence, it’s quite magnificent!

    1. Hello and thanks. I answered your comment but it seems to have disappeared! I! I wasn't too sure of the colour but, as it was my wife's choice, I had to go with it. The paint colour will supposedly last for at least five years so that's a nice thought that I won't have to paint the fence again for quite a while. Good wishes ~ Mike.

  2. PS, that’s a beautiful sailing ship in your last photo!

    1. Yes, the sailing ship was a beauty and it was such a lovely day too.

  3. Wow Mike! These floral shots are marvelous! And of course all of the blues! I can’t wait to see your fence. I’m not certain I know what color duck egg blue is exactly. Maybe like Robin’s egg blue? Anyway, be sure and share your results. Best wishes and happy Summer, already! Ann K.

    1. Hello Ann, good to gear from you. We have had some lovely sunny days recently, so Cornwall has been quite busy with holiday makers, which helps the local economy. Trust you have been travelling to some interesting places. All good wishes ~ Mike.

  4. Yes, we took a great road trip to the southwest high desert, Santa Fe. It’s good to be out a bit!

  5. Well I think the fence looks great, it'll make a good background for your colourful plants. Your garden is way ahead of mine, we had our first sunny day here for quite a while but the ever present wind off the North Sea kept the temperature down to 14 degrees.
    I see you have Campanulars, our tortoise loves eating the flowers on ours. Enjoyed seeing the sailing boat, very enjoyable post Mike. 😊

    1. Hello David, we have had lots of sunshine recently - blue sky today! A slight chilly wind some mornings but soon goes away. We have lots of Campanulars, they spread so easily. I didn't know that was their name, so thanks! The roads have been quite busy with tourists. Hope you have a good week ahead.

  6. You wife made a sound choice with the duck egg blue Mike! I like the Chinese saying. Lovely to see the St Austell artwork & your garden x

    1. Hllo Lulu, thanks. I'm getting used to the colour. At first I kept thinking there was a beach hut in the garden!.




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