Saturday 17 August 2019

Mevagissey Outer Harbour, Lighthouse and Beach.

The outer harbour at Mevagissey, Cornwall

I'm following on from my previous Mevagissey post which concentrated on the inner harbour, where there are normally lots of boats in the enclosed area.

If we walk to the outer harbour it has a different atmosphere as there is much more space - as can be seen in the photos above and below.

The inner, more sheltered harbour wall, was built in 1774 on the site of a medieval quay. The outer harbour wall was first built in 1888 but had to be rebuilt in 1897 following damage in 1891.

Mevagissey outer harbour, Cornwall

Mevagissey's small lighthouse is made of cast iron and is about 26 feet tall.

Lighthouse at Mevagissey, Cornwall

The lighthouse is hexagonal in shape. The light can be seen for about twelve nautical miles.

Lighthouse at Mevagissey, Cornwall

If we walk along the lighthouse breakwater we can see how Mevagissey harbour is surrounded by high cliffs.

Outer harbour wall at Mevagissey

To get from the breakwater to the road is quite a climb up all of those steps. But not to worry ...

Steps leading from Mavagissey outer harbour wall to road.

… there is a wide, flat walkway alongside the harbour instead.

Boats in the outer harbour at Cornwall

If we return to the lighthouse we can see the other wall that makes up the entrance into the outer harbour.

Mevagissey outer harbour wall

Some quite smart houses have been built behind the wall.

Mevagissey harbour wall

Finally, mustn't forget the Mevagissey harbour beach! Okay, it isn't much, and is only really there when the tide is out, but there are usually one or two people enjoying the sand and splashing about in the water - if the weather is okay. Dogs aren't allowed on the beach.

In the photo below the gap between the two walls is the entrance to Mevagissey's inner harbour.

Small beach at Mevagissey, Cornwall

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  1. The outer harbour doesn't have the same appeal for me, not so many boats, but your superb photo's more than make up for that. The lighthouse is unusual in its design and very photogenic.

    1. Thanks David.I agree, here isn't the same atmosphere when walking along the outer harbour and it can be quite bracing when there is a chill in the air.

      We walked along the harbour walls last night - not many people walking, but lots of people in the restaurants and food outlets.




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