Thursday 13 June 2024


Parking your car is a bit different when visiting Cornwall's Lizard Village. You park on the village green. As you can see below it has been this way for a long time. There is still a  parking charge (£3.50) but the money goes into  an honesty box. 

The village is a good place to start a walk, as there are many options. We wandered off with no destination or in mind.

I wondered what it would be like to live surrounded by greenery and  a with a view of the sea.

We found our selves on the Old Lizard Head.

What a lovely spot to sit and contemplate life.

I guess it would be a bit different on a blustery,  rainy day though.

Onward, and a flight of steps to contend with.

Another lovely view with the the coastal path in sight.

There's a cafe overlooking the sea, most unexpected. We had a coffee enjoying the blueness of the sky and sea.

We joined the coastal path again.

Downhill now for a change.

We headed back towards where we started

An enjoyable walk, though more luck than judgement. Good to see the hedgerows full of colour

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Tuesday 4 June 2024



Following on from my previous post, we are still on Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula. This time Visiting Kynance Cove, which is signposted on the A3083

The cove is a walk from the car park. The photo below shows the cove's cafe and it can be seen that it's a bit of a downward stretch from where the cars are parked.

There is  wheelchair access to the cafe. - no! not the route shown below!

We wandered towards the cove. It was a lovely sunshine day.

At last the sea comes into view, famed for its colour and white sand.

More sea and sand below.

The cafe is now in view. We had a coffee!

The next five photos are of the sea and beaches.

There was some work being carried out on the cliffs, presumably for safety reasons.

All in all  the visit to Kynance Cove was an  interesting walk and well worth the effort - and the sky stayed blue, as did the sea.

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Monday 27 May 2024

Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula


We have been staying on Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula for a break. One of our walks started from the the Peninsula's largest village of St. Mullian. The Old Inn above dates back to the 16th Century and the church below has parts dating back to the 13th Century.

We simply walked along the road, out of the village not knowing where we would end up.

The fields were green and the sun was shining.

We soon reached Pondhu beach with its Beach Cafe. 

A few people were enjoying the food on the outside wooden tables.

More diners  below, but the building, seen in the distance on the cliffs, is a bit special - it is Marconi's Wireless Station On the12th of December, 1901 Marconi sent his message from Poldhu to Newfoundland

Now walking on the damp sand at the beach

Not too sure what was happening here.

A Pondhu wooden sign 

Oh, and a bus stop. So we could have had a ride to and from Pondhu Beach.

We still preferred to walk. The Old Inn again.

Also within reach from Mullian, where we started our walk, is the peaceful Mullian Cove, below. 

That's all for today. Hopefully more posts on the Lizard Peninsula will follow.

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Wednesday 15 May 2024

A Walk to Pentewan Village, Beach and Harbour

It was a sunshine day so we decided on a walk to Pentewan along the Pentewan Trail starting from the bridge as shown above.

Everywhere looked so fresh and green and welcoming - thanks  to all of the recent rain. There is a footpath which, for a while, follows the White River

We passed a colourful sign informing walkers the direction to Mevagissey and Heligan Gardens. We continued towards Pentewan. 

Now it's into the woods up a bit of a slope.

The woods looked very pleasant and there was no one else in sight.

At the edge of the woods the ground and bushes had become a little soggy.

More greenery ...

... and a few lillies, unfortunately not at their best.

Now we have reached the village of Pentewan and a row of  colourful old cottages

Just a little further along the road is the Ship Inn pub

Moving on a visit to Pentewan's land locked harbour.

Below a look- out almost lost in the greenery.

A view next of  the land locked harbour.

Now we have reached the beach at Pentewan and there is no one else in view, despite the blue sky and lots of sand to be seen.

Now back at the harbour again.

At the far end of the Pentewan village there is quite a steep hill.

Finallly, below, the other end of the village and the Piskey Cove.

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Parking your car is a bit different when visiting Cornwall's Lizard Village. You park on the village green. As you can see below it has ...