Sunday 17 December 2023

Colour and Flowers on a Cold, Cornish, December Day

I haven't been too far from home recently so was quite chuffed to see a camellia in flower on Toby's bush - Toby was my favourite dog, a wonderful border collie. 
Then I noticed a hydrangea as below.

A few leaves on geraniums looked quite bright and cheerful.

I guess if we don't look we won't see. I wonder how much we miss in life.

I wandered into St. Austell. Unfortunately, it seems. I'm a bit too old to have a free ride - as below.

People were looking in shop windows including a great white lump.

The lump turned out to be a Polar bear We don't usually see many of these bears roaming St. Austell, despite the chilly weather.

There were a few colourful flowers lingering on.

The seagull must also be a flower lover.

When I returned home I noticed quite a few more buds on Toby's tree - as above. So more colour may be on its way. Today's final photo is looking into our front porch. The fir tree is on the outside.

Thanks for visiting my blog. In case I don't catch up with you before Christmas. I hope you have a happy, peaceful time.

Monday 4 December 2023


Oh dear! I glanced out of one of our upstairs windows and there was snow on it's way. Fortunately, though, it soon disappeared  We decided on taking a short walk at The Lost Gardens of Heligan. An unsteady scarecrow was there to meet us and the sky  turned clear and blue.

All was quiet and peaceful.

A rather large bee said hello. This is all part of the Heligan Night Garden.

Some snow manged to survive in the shadows.

Garden beds were ready for planting.

A lonely flower clung to the wall.

And then woosh! Paper birds on the loose.

The birds are all part of Heligan's Night Garden

There is lots of space to wander.

The Play Meadow, below, was quiet and peaceful. 

 Onwards towards the jungle.

All was quiet with the sun shining on the water.

So much to walk and see,  if so inclined.

Large Butterflies fluttering. 

We wandered back to our car and homeward bound. Heligan is always an interesting place to visit.

Thanks for visiting my blog ~ Mike.



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