Monday 11 February 2019

Polruan, Cornwall : Coastal Views, Chapel Ruins And A Castle

Approaching Polruan, Cornwallby ferry
Polruan and a Boat Yard
Today, photos of a visit to Polruan - and where I snapped the photo for this blog's heading.

We left our car in Fowey and then crossed the River Fowey to Polruan. The photo below is the first of Polruan. It's a small village with one road in and one road out.

Cottages in Polruan, Cornwall
The Polruan road is quite steep but this allows lovely views across the Fowey river. That is, if you are okay walking backwards up a steep incline! The good thing is there aren't many cars about.
Looking across to Fowey from Polruan, Cornwall
Looking from Polruan across the river to Fowey
At the top of hill are wonderful views of the River Fowey - and a convenient seat!
Beautiful view of the Fowey River, Cornwall from Polruan
The River Fowey
At the top we find St. Saviours chapel - well the remains.

The chapel was partly destroyed following King Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries. It is said that local gentry removed the chapel bells for safe keeping - but the location is unknown. The chapel fell into disrepair from 1572.

Ruins of St. Saviours church, Polruan, Cornwall
Ruins of St.Saviour's Chapel
Alongside the chapel is a National Coastwatch Station, where visitors are welcome.
View of Polruan headland, Cornwall
Coastwatch Station and remains of St.Saviour's Chapel
A view from the top of St. Saviours Hill.
View from St.Saviour, Polruan, Cornwall of sea and cliffs
View across to the Gribbin Head
And, at last, the photo I took for this blog's heading :

Sea and Cliffs across from Polruan to Gribbin Head
Photo I used for this Blog's heading
After having had our fill of the views from St.Saviour's Hill we made our way back down to sea level and had a quick look at the remains of Polruan Castle.
Polruan Castle, Polruan, Cornwall
Polruan Castle
The castle is a Blockhouse and was erected in the 15th century for the defence of the harbour. It was linked by a large chain with a similar Blockhouse on the Fowey side of the river. The chain could be raised to stop unwanted ships entering the harbour - and was last used way back in 1666.
Inside Polruan Castle
Inside Polruan Castle
So, it was then back to Fowey by the same small ferry boat. The photo below shows the view of arriving back in Fowey.
Approaching Fowey


  1. What a lovely outing, I really enjoyed the trip. Thank you Mike!

    1. Thank you Heather. It's nice and quiet out of the summer season, so a good time to visit such places.

  2. A great set of images & some pleasant reminders of our one & only holiday in Devon & Cornwall. I enjoyed our visit to Fowey, I seem to remember a shop/museum that celebrated the artist Mabel Lucy Attwell.

    1. Hello David, many thanks. Yes, you remember Fowey well - there is a small museum and a connection with Mabel Lucy Attwell, there's also an aquarium. When we moved to Cornwall (in 1975) we stayed in a small cottage in Fowey for about six weeks while our house sale was going through - so have fond memories of Fowey.

  3. All of the views are lovely but I’m really struck by the perfection of your photo of the view across to the Gribbin Head. That is truly a spectacular image with the sky, sea and land all looking so grand! Are there schools for children in these small towns or
    do most children travel to a consolidated school which serves several towns? And is the area this green all winter? Wonderful post in any case.

    1. Thanks Ann, appreciate your words very much. As for schools there is a junior school in Polruan but the older children have to get the ferry across the river to Fowey and then sometimes a bus as well to their school. It's not a convenient place to live.

      We have a friend who was born there (70+ years ago) and tells tales about crossing the river in winter conditions to get to school. Her father and grandfather lived in Polruan all their lives so it's interesting to talk to her.

      I guess the grass is quite green all year round - this equates to lots of rain! The photos were taken in February ('18) but it was an exceptional day weather-wise.



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