Tuesday 12 February 2019

The Green, Green Grass of St.Mewan: But For How Long?

Green fields at St.Mewan, Cornwall
Farmer's green fields in Cornwall
We were walking along the road to St.Mewan, Cornwall and remarked about how green the fields are. Most likely because of all of the rain we have had.
Green fields, St.Austell, Cornwall
Green fields with a china clay works in the background, St.Austell
Green fields with a wind turbine on the hill, Cornwall
After the green fields came St.Mewan church which dates back to Norman times. The bell tower foundations and the base of the font were built in 1100.
St. Mewan church, St.Mewan, Cornwall

Side entrance of St.Mewan church, St.Mewan, St.Austell, Cornwall

We carried on walking onto the main Truro to St.Austell road - the A390 ...

Road sign to St.Austell, Cornwall

... and then there was the sign below. It's been there for quite a while but somehow it really struck home. This will/may become 60 acres of houses and retail units. In other words yet another 60 acres of green fields will disappear forever.

This probably isn't the place to debate affordable housing, an increasing population, transport links, sewers, roads etc. But, whatever, it equates to green fields disappearing.

Large sign of houses to be built in Cornwall

The signs are there: The times, they are a-changin'.

Road sign to Bodmin, Liskeard and visitor attractions in Cornwall


  1. Lots of rain, lots of green even in the winter and of course it's very beautiful! It takes both heat and rain for our fields to green up in the winter. Grazing cattle love it when grass emerges! As for the development, it will forever change what you see so it's good to have photographed it in its best.

    1. Cornwall generally is quite mild in the winter - other than perhaps on the moors. Our neighbour, two houses down, has four palm trees thriving in his front garden.

      As for the development - and another mini town planned near St.Austell - all well and good, but our roads are already jammed in summer. The planners seem to forget that development needs improvement in transport links and also requires employment for the people in the properties - but the emphasis generally in the UK is simply that 'we must build millions of houses' as our population has rocketed. Anyway, thanks Ann, apologies for the moan :-) I still love living in Cornwall!

    2. Very interesting travel blog, Mike. Thank you, my friend. 👌

    3. Thank you very much, John, appreciated. Best wishes.




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