Wednesday 13 February 2019

Lostwithiel, Cornwall: Comparing How It Looked In 1908 With Today

1908 Vintage Photo of Lostwithiel
Lostwithiel, Cornwall circa 1908

Lostwithiel was once the capital of Cornwall. The name is derived from the Cornish Language word lostwydhyel which means a tail of a wooded area

While there I wanted to compare an old photo of the town with how it looks nowadays. But, oh dear, I forgot to take the old 1908 photo with me! 

I still clicked a few photos trying to remember the old photo. When I got home I compared my efforts and was quite pleased that my memory had served me reasonably well.

The photo above is from 1908 and below are photos I snapped. Though the angle is different I did manage to get the exact same buildings. The two houses on the left are now retail outlets, otherwise much is the same as it was - other than the people.

Lostwithiel, Cornwall
Lostwithiel, Cornwall Today
While in Lostwithiel we popped into St, Bartholomew's church. Difficult to take a photo as the spire is so tall and the streets are so narrow - so not a very good picture.
St Bartholomew's Church, Lostwithiel
At, Bartholomew's Church, Lostwithiel
The spire is made of Cornish Pentewan stone and was added in the 14th century. As for the clock, the heavy weights that drive it have to be wound up by hand every day.
Inside Lostwithiel Church
Inside St Bartholomew's Church, Lostwithiel

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  1. Interesting to see the 1908 view and now, not a lot of change.

    1. Thanks David. I think this applies to much of the Cornish fishing villages - not a lot has changed.

  2. Looks very much unchanged and I admire a community that continues to use its old buildings rather than tear them down for new. The church interior is very lovely. I see from my map that you've traveled inland a bit for this village:-)

    1. Yes, a little inland but back to walking by the sea today! As I mentioned to David, many places, like the fishing villages, haven't changed very much - other than many of the cottages are now let out to holidaymakers.



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