Saturday 5 August 2023

A Taste of Polperro Harbour and Village Cornwall

A few photos of Polperro for today's post. Starting above with a boat entering Polperro's harbour.

The large village has been known for fishing stretching way back to the Domesday Book - which was completed in 1086. It is now  very much a popular tourist destination.

Many of the old fishermen's houses and cottages remain, some of which, are holiday homes.

The River Pol flows through the village.

A few boats in the harbour - a colourful sight on a sunshine day.

Houses on high in Polperro.

The name Polperro, as I understand it, originates from the  Cornish language word  Porthpyra, meaning a harbour or cove named after Pyran. 

I came across the old picture of Polperro, below, which is in  the Public Domain.

Thank you for visiting my blog, Mike.
All good wishes.


  1. Hello Mike, happy weekend. Thank you for sharing your journey again, and again where you have been is place I've never traveled to.

    1. Thank you very much - appreciated. Hope you have an interesting weekend. Good wishes.

  2. Lovely photos Mike. The harbours around Cornwall are so attractive, thanks for some colour & sunshine, there hasn't been much around this summer.

    1. Good to hear from you David. I like wandering around the Cornish harbours, each have their own characters. What I don't like so much are the car park charges, especially in Polperro. It has been very windy and rainy here - to think my son has gone camping with the grandchildren! He seems to have survived though. All good wishes.

  3. What a pretty and colourful place it is. It looks so peaceful, but I imagine it can get quite a bashing during big storms.

    1. Hello, it's a lovely village, but can get very busy in the summer season with tourists . Thanks.



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