Wednesday 26 July 2023

A Taste of the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall

We popped into Cornwall's Lost Gardens of Heligan - mainly for a look at their flower meadows. There's an abundance of yellow to be seen at the moment.

There's lots of space at Heligan, so there are other other fields to admire.

There are a few snoozing farm animals to be seen

Moving on, an archway of apples leading to flowers ...

... and a few veg, all neat and tidy.

An old building.

Lots of flowers running wild.

A pond with one shy lily.

Here we go, more flowers.

I like this colour.

Two fried eggs!

Back to more flowers, in what is named  the Sundial Garden.

A very old brick wall.

That's all from the Lost Gardens of Heligan for today

Thanks for visiting my blog ~ Mike.

Below is another Heligan link, which has many more flower photos.


  1. Beautiful. I lived in Hongkong for many years and never seen places like this. Good day to you.

    1. Hello, thank you for leaving a positive comment. Hong Kong is somewhere I would have liked to visit. Good wishes.

  2. Oh isn't that golden meadow beautiful! The play fort in the background looks like good fun too. Lovely pictures Mike :) x

  3. Many thanks, Lulu. Good to see the meadows every year. Hope you aren't working too hard. Take care.

  4. Your posts on the Gardens of Heligan, along with those on the Eden Project are always among my favorites. That blooming field is beautiful and you’ve done a great job of capturing the beauty of the whole area. Wouldn’t it be delightful to help harvest that vegetable garden! Best wishes, as always, Ann.

  5. Oh how lovely, Mike. What a beautiful place. Those acres of flowers are gorgeous. Thank you for showing us this special place!

    1. Many thanks, it's a popular place to visit. We like to roam the paths and enjoy the flowers and vegetation. All good wishes.



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