Monday 25 March 2019

The Cornish Piskies and the Money Tree

Fungi and a money tree in Cornwall

While walking at Heligan I came across these lovely fungi on an old tree. But this was no ordinary tree, as it is a money tree - notice all of the coins pushed into the bark. So why do people part with their money in this way? It's all down to the piskies (Cornish pixies).

It is said that to ensure safe passage on your journey, the piskies will apply an invisible charm on any passer by - but only if a small toll is paid by placing a coin in the tree. But warning! warning! warning! if any passer by should take a coin from the tree they will incur the wrath of the piskies ... and you definitely wouldn't want that!

The photo below is another such tree I snapped - but I can't remember where it was! I think the piskies must have addled my memory as I passed by. Some things are meant to stay secret!


  1. Intriguing tradition, I'm left wondering what eventually happens to the money collected. Maybe a worthy charity benefits from it or do the Piskies go on a pub crawl?

    1. Some of the money trees I have seen are full of very old coins. I don't think anything useful happens to them. Nobody dares to take any of the coins! Thanks David.

  2. It looks like St Nectans Glen, All the best, Linda



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