Tuesday 26 March 2019

St. Mawes Town and Castle By Boat

St.Mawes looking from the river

Today it's St.Mawes on Cornwall's Roseland Peninsula. The photos were all snapped last year while on a boat.

St.Mawes, Cornwall from the river

St.Mawes town lies on the banks of the Carrick Roads

St. Mawes small harbour

The photo above is looking towards the St. Mawes Sailing Club, the Post Office, a cafe and bank.

St.Mawes harbour Cornwall

Now we have two photos of St.Mawes Castle, again looking from the water.

The castle was built between 1540 and 1545, as part of a defensive chain of fortresses by Henry VIII to protect Cornwall and England's south coast. It is now open to the public.

St Mawes castle, Cornwall from the river

St.Mawes Castle from the river


  1. Lovely photo's Mike, the fortress looks interesting & very well maintained. I'm pleased it's open to the public, we must preserve our history.

    1. Thanks David, the castle is now run by English Heritage so is well preserved - despite its age!

  2. Be interesting to see from the boat. Hope to visit this year as we have gone eng heritage and need our cornish fix. Looked a gorgeous day.

  3. The castle is run by English Heritage. We are having a lovely spell of weather. If I look out of the window there is a clear dark blue sky. Thanks.

  4. How lovely. Enjoy the spring sunshine. Kaz



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