Wednesday, 27 March 2019

The Race Is On For The Working Boats

Oyster dredging boats, Cornwall

While on a boat trip from Truro to Falmouth, we were lucky enough to encounter a race for working boats. 

They are known as Truro River Oyster Dredging Boats - the name describes their purpose. Traditionally they were made of wood and are also referred to as Falmouth Working Boats. I think the photos - above and below - are all self explanatory.

Racing Oyster dredging boats, Cornwall

Racing dredging boats at St.Mawes, Cornwall

Boats racing at St.Mawes, Cornwall

Boats on the River Fal, Cornwall

Racing boats, River Fal, Cornwall


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  2. Mike, I got a notification to update my blogger profile prior to the G+ closure, did you get the same?

    1. Hello David. I haven't received any notification to update my blogger profile as yet.

    2. Then your profile should be ok. What you might want to check is which type of blogspot profile you have, whether it's a blogger profile or a Google+ profile. You can check via your blog "Dashboard" in Settings, User Settings, Profile. There it will show which you're is and it needs to be a "Blogger" profile.

    3. Thanks for the info, will take a look now.

  3. Such beautiful boats and it's good to see them being used & really pushed to their limits. The angle of lean on some of them is really alarming, they obviously take racing very seriously.
    We have similar crafts up here known as Humber Sloop & Keelboats that were used to trade along the Humber Estuary and the east coast. Very few remain, I only know of three in this area.
    Lovely photo's as usual and a super post.

  4. It was good to see the boats racing - though at the time I had no idea who was in the lead! Glad that these traditional boats are still about and being used. Nowadays, though, there are oyster farms on the river, which makes life easier.

    Interesting about the Humber Sloop & Keelboats in your area.



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