Friday 20 May 2022

Photos of Polperro, Cornwall

Small boat entering the harbour at Polperro, Cornwall

A few photos today of Polperro harbour on Cornwall's south coast. A very attractive fishing village on the River Pol, now very much a tourist attraction within the summer months.

The photo above shows a small boat entering Polperro harbour, otherwise the photos are self explanatory - small boats and cottages surrounding the pretty harbour.

Polperro harbour, Cornwall

Polperro, Cornwall harbour

Polperro harbour and cottages, Cornwall

Cottage at Polperro Harbour, Cornwall

Boats in Polperro harbour, Cornwall

Boats in Polperro Harbour, Cornwall

Polperro harbour, Cornwall

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Thanks for your visit to my blog. Unfortunately just a short blog today as I have other commitments ~ Mike.

Friday 13 May 2022

Newquay, Cornwall and a Bus Ride

"Do you fancy a bus ride to Newquay?", my wife asked.

"A bus! Why a bus for goodness sake?"

"It would make a change and would save on petrol. You moaned the other day that the price was going up and up."

I caved in and said "Okay,  adding that the bus would no doubt be late." 

But the bus wasn't late, it was exactly on time, plus it was spotlessly clean and the driver was smiling. So I couldn't really grumble.

Once off the bus in Newquay, we gravitated towards the harbour which dates back to 1875 - see my previous post : Newquay Harbour, Cornwall In 1875

I like to wander around harbours and quays, there's usually something of interest - especially boats of course.

So a few photos of boats and the harbour follow.

We then left the harbour ...

... and was soon on Towan Beach. I snapped yet another photo of Towan Island. Goodness knows how many pics I must have of the Island - but this was the first when arriving by bus!

The photo below shows the entrance to the harbour

We also wandered around the back of Towan Island - a lot of steps and a bridge.

When returning home by bus we must have got on the wrong one as it seemed to visit every out of the way village possible. No wonder we were mostly the only two people on the bus - and the seats were so uncomfortable but - well yes, it did make a change.

Moving on a few photos now from my garden. Not a lot of colour as yet.

The yellow azalea below always puts on a display year after year

I like these colourful geranium leaves

Finally looking upwards at the back of the garden - a twisted willow and some sort of  Japanese tree which has never flowered.

 Woops, nearly forgot this one. The flower always reminds my wife of her childhood in Germany where they were known as a Farmer's Rose.

Hope you have an interesting week ahead. Good wishes ~ Mike.

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Friday 6 May 2022

Walking by the River Fowey and Fowey Town, Cornwall

As we walked along the Esplanade at Fowey all was quiet and peaceful. A sailing boat made its way silently towards the sea.

As we reached the town there were a few people wandering about, mostly tourists. The chill in the air must have kept people indoors - though goodness knows why.

The quay was quiet and the ferry, which crosses the the river to Polruan, had very few passengers.

By the quay is the Marine Aquarium.

The cruise ship Ocean Nova was anchored on the opposite side of the river.

We walked along Fore Street passed The Lugger pub. The oldest pub in Fowey, however, is the Ship Inn which was built way back in 1570.

A few small boats moored on the river.

An abundance of flowers spill over the road just before Customs House Hill.

The road is narrow, very narrow, luckily it's one way traffic.

More of the river.

The photo below shows the car and passenger ferry which crosses the river to Bodinnick.

The house by the river, with blue shutters, I have mentioned in several posts. This is where Daphne du Maurier was living when her first book was published.

About turn as we return in the direction of Fowey Quay to devour a Cornish Pasty - mine  a veggie version.

 The church grass has been allowed to grow, which somehow makes it more inviting.

After consuming our pasties - okay plus a pastry and coffee we made our way back along the Esplanade to where our car is parked.

The cruise ship can be seen from the water's edge. Always a pleasure to visit Fowey whatever the season.

ANOTHER DAY - had a flying visit into St. Austell.

It was good to see flowers. The tulips seem to have lasted well.

YET ANOTHER DAY - My wife had a dentist appointment in Truro so, while she had her check-up, I walked to Truro's Victoria Park. I met a strange lady while on my way!

I passed the Cornwall Council building - note the languages are in English and Cornish.

The gardens are next to the County Courts.

Here I am in the park with the bandstand in the distance.

A water fountain and ...

... a close up of the traditional bandstand.

More water but only a trickle of a stream.

The viaduct is used by trains. Below is a pleasant walk through the trees.

A few of the mature trees look outwards to a view of the city.

As I wandered I came across this memorial, so a touch of sadness.

The gardens were originally created to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

That's all I have time for so I head for the steps in the photo below I'll be back at the County Courts and can retrace my steps back to my wife's dentist - it seems all went okay.

Thanks for visiting my blog. All good wishes ~ Mike.

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