Friday 24 February 2023


Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall

Fistral Beach, Newquay, is one of the best for surfing. There is a consistency and quality of surf. Newquay is often quoted as being the surfing capital of the UK.

It's a lovely stretch of sand and high on the cliffs is the impressive Headland Hotel.

The hotel was first opened in June 1900 and has hosted royalty. King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra were the first to stay at the hotel in the early 1900's. Charles, the current King, and also Princess Ann, the Princess Royal have also enjoyed several visits - at least I presume they enjoyed themselves! Hard to tell what they are thinking at times.

Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall showing the Huers Hut

The town of Newquay is on Cornwall's north coast and is very much a seaside resort. The population of the town is around 20,000 but this shoots up to nearer 100,000 in the main summer season. So, to say it gets busy, is an understatement - it heaves with people in the main summer holiday period. The attraction? Sandy beaches, I believe there are 11! Oh, and surfing, as I have already mentioned.

In the photo above, on the cliff top is a small white building. This is the Huers Hut mentioned in a previous post.

Fistral Beach, Cornwall

Changing the subject: a while back there was a clean up of Fistral Beach Litter was found going back to the 1970s and 80s! The rubbish lay buried under a collapsed sand dunes.

I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about litter. I fail to understand why people can't take their rubbish home. Why pollute beautiful scenery? It's interesting though how some of the items found have survived for perhaps 30+ years. We really are polluting our Earth - and not just with plastic.

The sandy Fistral Beach, Newquay Cornwall

 Here are just a few of the items found under the sand dunes

# A 1984 Smiths Crisps packet  that offers a free Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Poster 
# Coca Cola can dated 1984 
# A Marathon chocolate wrapper also from 1984
# Packet of Golden Wonder crisps offering a model of a Laker Airways DC-10 - Laker went bankrupt in 1982!
# Burton's Smax
# Treets, who changed their name in 1988

And so it goes on.

That's it for today. It's cup of tea time,  and hopefully a biscuit or two

Thanks for visiting my blog ~ Mike.


  1. Really nice photos of the beach Mike, nice to see some blue sky too. We are starting to get a few warmer, sunny days now. Spring will soon be here. I get annoyed with litter being left everywhere. During our holiday season the council operate a tractor driven "sand rake" on our beach once a week. It rakes to quite a depth, sifts out the rubbish and collects it into a large basket. It keeps on top of the problem but is a continuous process.
    We got out in the car today and I actually took a few photos! The new puppy, Popcorn, is taking up lots of our time plus he was neutered this week so can't exert himself just yet. We both have some health problems so I won't be able to post anything on my blog for a while just yet.
    Take care, David.

  2. Hello David. We have had a few sunny days but it has also been very cold. It looks like being another bright but chilly day again today (Monday). Glad you managed to get out in the car and took a few photos - hope Popcorn gets over his op. My wife isn't too well at the moment , several hospital appointments etc. Take care, all good wishes.

  3. What lovely photos and an interesting post, Mike. It’s sobering to think of that litter lying there so long. I too have a thing about litter. I’m constantly shocked and appalled at the amount of litter people just throw down without thinking about the consequences. I’m sure I went to Newquay when I was a student but don’t remember the sands being so extensive.

    1. Hello, litter always gets me annoyed. I don't understand what the litter louts are thinking. Any way, you may have visited Newquay as a student as there are many different beaches in Newquay with their own characteristics. Good wishes.

  4. Hello Mike, fab pictures of Fistral beach. We were over that way the other week. Glorious spot. I now tend to avoid it in the summer, but I spent a lot of time playing, then surfing on that beach in the 80s & 90s. Safe to say that 80s litter won't be mine! Astonishing isn't it!!! Take care, Lulu x

    1. Hello Lulu, yes lovely beaches - though we rarely go to Newquay during the summer months, gets much too busy. As for the litter - well it's beyond words. Trust all is well ~ Mike.

  5. What a beautiful day for February! I share the bee in the bonnet regarding litter. Isn’t it awful! I remember being in Japan, by far the cleanest country I’ve ever visited, and noticed the lack of trash receptacles. No trash bins, no trash. I never saw one bit of litter in either a huge city, a train, a park, a rural road or a retail district. Litter is just not part of the culture as it is here, or perhaps there as well. In spite of supposed fines, it continues. I fear that one day the beaches won’t be worth photographing. Take care, Mike, always a pleasure to see your posts. Ann K.

  6. Hello Ann. We have had some pleasant winter days, though it has been quite cold. I can't comprehend why people have to leave litter, it's even seen on the edges of motorways. Hope you have been able to visits lots of interesting places. Take care.




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