Monday 6 March 2023

A Short Walk to Porthpean, Cornwall

My wife had an appointment at our local hospital, so I wandered off for a short walk. As for the camellia above this is from our garden.

I had a choice of interesting places to visit and decided to head off in the direction of Porthpean.

I soon reached the Porthpean sailing club. It was good to see a blue sky even though it was quite chilly.

I wandered onto Porthpean beach, all was quiet and peaceful.

A couple of photos next, taken from the beach.

There's a sign about Cornwall's Crumbling Cliffs.

A look at those cliffs.

I started on my return to the hospital passing through Lower Porthpean.

There are some pleasant flowers in the gardens of some very desirable properties.

I noticed an old milestone with the old spelling of St. Austell i.e. Austle not Austell.

I was soon back at the hospital to pick up my wife and return home. On the way we spotted a host of golden daffodils.

Thanks for visiting my blog, take care ~ Mike.


  1. The beach at Porthbean looks really nice but I'm surprised to see you have cliff erosion. I associate that more with the East Yorkshire coast.
    I hope all went well for your wife Mike. 😊

    1. The beach is okay at this time of year. The cliff erosion is dependent on which part of Cornwall is being visited. This stretch, which includes Charlestown beach, is a bit crumbly and there have been falls. My wife still has a few more appointments in various hospitals, thanks for asking. All good wishes to you and yours.

  2. Another wonderful walk and super pictures Mike :) x



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