Friday 17 February 2023


It was yet another dismal day so I decided to try and seek out some floral colour, to lift the spirits.

The first two flowers are from our garden. I've no idea what the flower above is called*. A neighbour gave us this, as a small cutting last year. He told us it was something very exotic! But, whatever, it has wintered well and is now in flower.

Our azalea has a few flowers and normally, given time,  will soon be fully covered with flowers.

So let's see what else we can find on a short walk. First a few snowdrops by the roadside, always a welcome sight.

Next seen climbing over a neighbours wall.

We wandered into a local park - a very Spring like display.

There were a few crocuses trying to hide in the grass - and would have been easy to miss.

A small coffee shop in the park - with pineapples on the door!

Still in the park. A few white flowers trying to escape from the lawn bowls greens.

Now a couple of early, shy daffs hiding away. Not quite Wordsworth's host of golden Daffodils but still pleasant to see.

Okay, not flowers, in the next photo, but the St. Austell Brewery is a pleasant, interesting building and has been around since 1893.

Back to flowers, these were in my son's garden.

Next, one of my favourites: primroses in our garden. They make me feel that Spring is around the corner, even though it's a while until the 20th of March.

And finally, a display seen in St. Austell town square, perhaps a little too gaudy for my personal taste.

Thanks for visiting my blog,
 have a happy, colourful week ~ Mike.

* The flower in the first photo is a hellebore.


  1. You have lots of colour around Mike, still dull up here although milder generally. My tortoise came out of hibernation yesterday, almost a week earlier than normal. Our new puppy, Popcorn, is at the vets today being castrated, always a worry when they need an anaesthetic. Take care.

    1. Hello David, it's quite dull and cold here today so we haven't ventured far. Hope Popcorn is well after the surgery. Interesting that your tortoise has come out of hibernation - hope that's a good sign weatherwise. All good wishes.

  2. Lovely spring blooms Mike. Nice to see St Austell Brewery, my old boss ran off to work there. I visited St Austell town centre for the first time during half-term break so recognise the backdrop to the gaudy planting scheme! - I shall pop it in my next bloggie. Hope you are keeping well, Lulu :) x

    1. I suppose there are worse places t run than a brewery! I'm fine thanks, trust you are too. All good wishes.



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