Friday 20 September 2019

From Cornwall To The Canary Islands

Apologies that there haven't been any Cornwall posts for a short while. I have been away in Lanzarote, Canary Islands.

I have taken the liberty of a publishing a couple of random photos from the island. 

The photo above is leaving Exeter, England by plane and below is a view of Lanzarote's volcanic countryside - perhaps not everyone's cup of tea!

I quite like the scenery though, certainly very different from Cornwall.

But there are also some pleasant beaches and ...

… also some very busy beaches - the sort that has no appeal to me, but each to their own taste. I like a bit of elbow room on the beach.

And to finish with a couple of Lanzarote birds.

The one below I believe is a Hoopoe, though I called it an upside down bird.

… because from some angles the bird looks to be upside down! 

Anyway, apologies for the lack of Cornwall photos, hopefully normal service will be resumed.


  1. No need for an apology Mike, these are lovely photo's that show just how different the landscape is. I'm with you tho', I like a bit of greenery. The birds are impressive, it must be quite odd to see exotic birds like these just flying around you, the busy beach looks horrendous. What I did notice was the wonderful, warm light. I've found these pictures a pleasant change but I'm looking forward to some "proper beaches"& a lot more foliage.
    A grand pos t Mike.

    1. Thanks David, it made a pleasant change, didn't read a newspaper or watch television or use any form of computer - so didn't know what had happened in the world. We enjoyed our stay.




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