Friday 13 May 2022

Newquay, Cornwall and a Bus Ride

"Do you fancy a bus ride to Newquay?", my wife asked.

"A bus! Why a bus for goodness sake?"

"It would make a change and would save on petrol. You moaned the other day that the price was going up and up."

I caved in and said "Okay,  adding that the bus would no doubt be late." 

But the bus wasn't late, it was exactly on time, plus it was spotlessly clean and the driver was smiling. So I couldn't really grumble.

Once off the bus in Newquay, we gravitated towards the harbour which dates back to 1875 - see my previous post : Newquay Harbour, Cornwall In 1875

I like to wander around harbours and quays, there's usually something of interest - especially boats of course.

So a few photos of boats and the harbour follow.

We then left the harbour ...

... and was soon on Towan Beach. I snapped yet another photo of Towan Island. Goodness knows how many pics I must have of the Island - but this was the first when arriving by bus!

The photo below shows the entrance to the harbour

We also wandered around the back of Towan Island - a lot of steps and a bridge.

When returning home by bus we must have got on the wrong one as it seemed to visit every out of the way village possible. No wonder we were mostly the only two people on the bus - and the seats were so uncomfortable but - well yes, it did make a change.

Moving on a few photos now from my garden. Not a lot of colour as yet.

The yellow azalea below always puts on a display year after year

I like these colourful geranium leaves

Finally looking upwards at the back of the garden - a twisted willow and some sort of  Japanese tree which has never flowered.

 Woops, nearly forgot this one. The flower always reminds my wife of her childhood in Germany where they were known as a Farmer's Rose.

Hope you have an interesting week ahead. Good wishes ~ Mike.

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  1. Hello Mike, oh it is so lovely to see Newquay harbour. I think Marlene the boat was there when we visited a couple of weeks ago, although the tide was all the way out. Newquay harbour has a certain smell to it doesn't it - I can imagine it just looking at your wonderful pictures. I also enjoyed looking at your linked previous Newquay posts - the Huers Hut I am especially fond of. Your garden is bursting with colour, I love the twisted willow and frilly peony :) x

  2. p.s. we are tempted to do the new £5 anywhere Cornwall bus thing this summer - great idea!

    1. Hello Lulu, I like mooching round harbours, always something interesting and, yes, certain smells.
      The idea of using the buses is quite appealing especially in the real summer season when parking is often limited. My wife sometimes uses the bus to Truro, when shopping instead of driving, especially when with a friend. Any way mustn't ramble on, have a lovely weekend and week ahead.

  3. Being the son of a Grimsby fisherman (my dad was a Chief Engineer on trawlers) it's no surprise that I enjoy photo's of boats & water. Your pics from Newquay are a joy to see, especially as I love lots of colour!
    Your garden's looking colourful too. 😊

    1. Thanks David, I thought you might like Newquay harbour and the boats. When older were you ever able to go on the trawler with your dad? They have my respect .

    2. When my dad was due in from a fishing trip we often went to meet the boat and go on board to see him. As Chief Engineer he would be one of the last to leave as he had to close down the engines. So yes, I used to go on board "his" boat. It was traditional for sons to go on a "pleasure trip" with their dads in the calmer, summer months but I never did. I didn't fancy that to be honest but my dad always said he wouldn't take me any way because he was worried I might like it and take up deep see fishing for a living.
      These were big boats and went to sea for three weeks and that frightened me. None of the big deep sea trawlers exist now, the "Cod Wars" put an end to the fishing industry in Grimsby. Below is a link to my dad's boat on a list of Grimsby trawlers.

    3. Thanks David for the link and interesting comment. I guess it's a different world today - well in so many ways. I can't imagine being out at sea for three weeks in such a boat. I got seasick going from Harwich to Esbjerg (Denmark) - my wife's family being in northern Germany. near Denmark. Have a good week.

  4. This was a lovely post for me, Mike. I love boats, as you might have gathered by now, and fishing harbours are always so appealing. The harbour looks delightful and definitely worth the bus ride.

    1. Hello, thank you. Yes, have realised your love of boats and harbours. Haha, yes, worth the bus ride and it made a change from searching for car parking. All good wishes.

  5. I always enjoy a visit to one of your coastal areas and of course, love to see the many boats. Glad to know that you have safe, clean public transit for days when a bus ride might be fun! How nice not to have to find a parking spot! One less car on the road seems a good thing, especially as the busy season ramps up. I enjoy seeing your garden as well. It looks lush and healthy, photographed beautifully as well.

    1. Hello Ann, must admit I prefer to travel by car with the freedom it gives. I'll save bus trips as a now and again novelty. We have just been away on a break into the county of Devon, not too far along the coast, so I'm a little behind with my blog and comments.
      Hope all is well with you, good wishes ~ Mike.



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