Sunday 13 August 2023

Charlestown, and Harbour, Cornwall 30+ Photos

All seemed bright and cheerful, as we left home, but this soon changed by the time we reached Charlestown.

All was misty, but there was a feeling of peacefulness - which was very pleasant. As you will see I snapped a few photos as we walked.

I remembered how we visited Charlestown to see in the the 2000 new millennium.  All was then quiet as we stood on the misty  harbour wall. It was quite magical and felt as if we had stepped back into some sort of time warp. Okay, perhaps a bit fanciful, but I'll always remember that special moment

Anyway, back to reality! 

The mist was quite patchy.

There were a few people on one of Charlestown's two beaches.

A young girl seemed locked in her own thoughts, mesmerised by the sea.

We wandered towards the harbour wall where  several people had gathered

The mist seemed to linger.

Looking from the harbour wall the beach appeared quite hazy.

A Dinghy went out to sea .

There's a lifebuoy on the harbour wall.

Next is a mechanism once used to lower boats into the harbour

All gradually got brighter, below is Charlestown's other small beach.

But don't get to near the cliffs!

Everything gradually got brighter and there were more people about. Oh, and there was an ice cream van on a bit of a slant.

More and more people arrived. It's a popular place for holidaymakers  to visit. 

Definitely clearer now.

Let's look at a few boats / ships.

The Pier House was getting busy as the mist lifted.

A few more boats.

Below is one of several restaurants - there are a few choices, including the Pier House.

On our way back home now - a couple of cottages seen, on the road into (or out of) Charlestown.

And perhaps  a visit to Carlyon Bay, it's not far.

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All good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. Well, even in the mist Charlestown always pleases me. Why didn't we visit it on our one and only holiday to Cornwall?
    I really enjoyed all the photos, both in the mist & the sunshine. Of course you had to include an ice cream van and its a very posh Mercedes one too!!!!
    Lovely post Mike.

    1. A pity you missed out on visiting Charlestown - but there are many other parts of Cornwall of interest. I never get tired of visiting the harbour though I heard one visitor say that there isn't much to see at Charlestown! Each to their own. The ice cream van seems to do well - thus the Merc. All good wishes David.

  2. Is that sign at the bottom measured in miles or kilometers, Mike?
    All our road signs in Australia are in kilometers and I thought the Mother Country would be no different, but then I heard England tend to use miles instead of kilometers to measure travel, is that right?

  3. Hello Darren, good to hear from you. We still have miles on signs for distances, I'm glad to say. I think in miles. But we do have litres and centigrade and measurements for DIY are mostly in millimetres /metres. Trust all is well.

  4. Oooh, lovely moody shots Mike. That looks like proper smuggling weather! ;)

    1. Yes, very much a smuggling day. It was lovely being there when there were only a few other people.



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