Sunday 20 August 2023

Dahlia and Cornwall's Lost Gardens of Heligan

We had a short visit to Cornwall's Lost Gardens of Heligan.

As usual I had my camera with me.

There was a display from the Cornish Dahlia Society. I snapped a few quick photos of some of the dahlia on display.

After the dahlia we popped into the jungle! 

Where have all of the people gone? The Sundial Garden was empty.

Lots of apples ended our short visit to Heligan

Soon got back home and had a peek at a couple of our dahlia - all was well.

We often pop into The Lost Gardens of Heligan. Here's my previous Heligan post

Thanks for visiting my blog ~ Mike.
All good wishes.


  1. The dahlias are lovely, both at Helligan & in your garden. Gunneras always fascinate me, they're like a throwback to prehistoric times.

    1. Thanks David, it was a bit of a rushed post. My son has Gunneras in his garden and bananas - he likes unusual plants.

  2. As usual, your visit to the gardens resulted in great floral photos and lots of green, lush growth as well. I’ve always thought dahlias were amazing for their symmetry and perfection with rarely a petal out of place. I imagine that in your climate they last quite a while. You are very fortunate to be close to such a special botanical garden! I enjoyed your post as always. Take good care. Ann K

    1. Thanks Ann, good to hear from you, trust life is being kind to you.
      You are right, it is good to be near Heligan - and also the Eden Project. We have annual passes so can look in whenever we are near by. The summer hasn't been too good weatherwise but there's not much we can do about that. It is raining at the moment! All good wishes.

  3. Lovely pictures of Heligan Mike. The National Dahlia Collection at Kehelland is well worth a visit if you are ever passing by the outskirts of Camborne at this time of year (I call it the Dahlia Triangle) :) x

    1. Thanks for the info, Lulu, on the 'Dahlia Triangle'



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