Monday, 4 February 2019

Lerryn Bridge, Cornwall and How It Looked In 1890

Lerryn Bridge, Cornwall
How Lerryn Bridge Looks Today
For those who know me through Google+ the above photo may be familiar as this is on my home page. As readers may know Google+, in the company's words, is going away on 2 April 2019 - in other words it is closing.

Anyway, no matter, the photo above is of Lerryn Bridge in Cornwall and surprise, surprise the vintage photo below is how the same scene would have looked in 1890. Not too different really - other than the children may well have moved on since then!
Vintage photo of Lerryn Bridge
How Lerryn Bridge Looked in 1890
Lerryn is a beautiful spot by the river and there is a lovely walk starting by the bridge. No doubt, when the weather improves, I'll snap a few photos of the walk for this blog.

In the 1500s and 1600s smuggling was a way of life in the village. One of the lanes is called Brandy Lane, named after the smugglers favourite tipple. In the nearby Ethy woods there is an entrance to a tunnel which is said to lead to Ethy House - where the contraband was stashed and hidden from the Excise Men.

There's usually a story in Cornwall!


  1. It was beautiful then and is now as well. I can't tell whether or not the building in the old photo is still there, but it looks as if the laundry had been hung out to dry. I like these sorts of posts and look forward to more. Thanks, Mike!

    1. Thanks Ann. I mentioned a walk from here. There is parking on the far side of the river and then stepping stones to cross the river instead of using the bridge. The river though is tidal, so the stones can only be used at low tide.



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