Thursday 15 August 2019

An Introduction to Mevagissey, Cornwall The Two Saint Village

The jumble of boats and cottages at Mevagissey, Cornwall

It was a bit of a moody day, the sun couldn't make up its mind whether to be friendly or not, so we headed to Mevagissey - as we often do when in doubt. There's always something of interest to see.

The inner harbour at Mevagissey, Cornwall

The name Mevagissey is made up from the names of two saints: St. Meva and St. Issey - the 'g' in the middle is taken from the word 'hag' which is the Cornish word for 'and'.  

In the Cornish language the name is Lannvorek.

A dark sky at Mevagissey, Cornwall

The first mention of Mevagissey was in 1313 but there is evidence of a settlement being here in the Bronze age.

Boats in the inner harbour at Mevagissey, Cornwall

Mevagissey has an inner and an outer harbour and is famed for its fishing. Back in 1886 it landed 250,000 hundredweight of fish, the highest quantity of any port in western England.

There is still fishing today. My wife occasionally buys freshly caught fish from a small stall on the harbour. I'm vegetarian but she enjoys her fish meals, especially the mackerel.

Boats at Mevagissey, Cornwall when the tide is out

Nowadays Mevagissey is very much a tourist attraction. The harbour and the narrow streets throng with people in the summer season. You can park on the harbour - at a price, of course, but the spots soon fill up. As do the main car parks situated at the beginning of the village.

Ice Cream and Gift Shops at Mevagissey Harbour, Cornwall

Needless to say Cornish pasties are available! As is Cornish ice cream, plus there are pubs, fish and chip shops, restaurants and so on.

Reflections on the water at Mevagissey, Cornwall

I'll have more photos of Mevagissey on my next post.

Boat leaving Mevagissey inner harbour, Cornwall


  1. Beautiful place and your photos certainly do it justice, they too are beautiful. I love all the colours of the boats & houses.

  2. Thanks David, everything looks better in the sunshine but I always find Mevagissey interesting even in the winter months when there aren't many people about.




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