Friday 8 February 2019

Par Sands : Photos of Beach and Surroundings

Grasses on the sand dunes at Par, Cornwall
Grasses on the sand dunes at Par
We were passing Par Beach - or Par Sands as it is now known - and decided to stop so I could snap a few photos. It's not my favourite beach by any means, but many years ago we owned a couple of caravans here which we let out to holiday makers. So, in a way, the visit was to see how the area has improved.

Golden grasses are still on the sand dunes. The beach is very flat and the tide goes out quite a long way, leaving seaweed and the like behind. To the nearside of the beach the scenery is very pleasant - and it's possible to walk along the cliffs for many miles.
Beach at Par, Cornwall
Par Beach, with the tide out
A few large rocks are on the far side of the beach but ...
Rocks on the beach at Par, Cornwall when the tide is out
Rocks on the beach
... unfortunately, also on the far side of the beach is a clay factory, though it is reasonably hidden.

China Clay works next to Par Beach, Cornwall
Clay works at the far end of the beach 
The beach is a favourite with dog walkers at this time of year.
Walking dogs on Par Beach, Cornwall
Dog walkers on the beach
There are many holiday caravans and a few chalets at the back of  the beach. All very neat and tidy - and far superior to the ones we used to let out. Times have changed, holidaymakers expect much more nowadays.

Holiday caravans at Par Beach, Cornwall
Caravans at Par Sands
Par Beach has it's own lake with geese, ducks, swans and other birds
Lake at Par Beach, Cornwall
Seagull on watch at the lake
Children enjoy feeding the ducks here, but the swans and geese can be a little overwhelming for small tots.
Ducks, geese and other birds at Par Beach lake
Geese, ducks and other birds at the lake
Chalets at Par are on the far side of the lake and some overlook the water, again all very neat and tidy.
Lake at Par Beach, Cornwall
Chalets at Par Sands


  1. Your great post here reminds me of how much sharing takes place in any given area: People, pets, industry and wildlife in this case. That many geese would upset many people since they do make a mess, but they love a beach as much as humans I suppose!

    1. Thanks Ann. The geese and the swans at the lake can get a little over powering, especially when people feed them - they don't hold back. The china clay works are situated at the end of the beach as there is a deep trench for large boats to go in and out. It isn't used as much nowadays and there have been rumours that it may become a boating marina - but will believe it when I see it!

  2. This looks like a quiet, very secluded beach away from the busy holiday areas. We have one of two little beaches & woods where we go in the summer months when Cleethorpes gets too busy.
    Lovely photo's & I like to see all the birds too. Ok, geese leave a mess, we have that problem at our club fishing lake but at least this beach gets washed twice daily with the tide. Great post Mike.

    1. Par gets busy in the summer months as there are lots of caravans for rent to holiday makers. Not my favourite beach but local people seem to like it in the winter - especially the dog walkers. Unfortunately we don't have a dog any more - our last dog was a border collie, he was very special to us.



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