Saturday 6 July 2019

Photos of the Magical Polkerris Harbour, Cornwall on a Perfect Sunshine Day

Looking down from cliffs to Polkerris Harbour

Thursday was such a lovely day it couldn't be wasted so we walked along the cliff top coastal path to Polkerris. The cove is tucked away from the maddening crowd down a narrow lane, though we approached it down a path from the cliff top. 

The photo above shows the harbour wall and a few boats - the tide was out.

The next pic is from the footpath as it wiggles quite steeply down from the cliff top. It's quite safe though.

Looking down from the cliffs to Polkerris

Polkerris has a long history, it's an old fortified harbour or safe haven.

The harbour at Polkerris

From the cliff top path the harbour and small beach is approached alongside the Rashleigh Inn - the 'Inn on the Beach' as it is often called. There's a balcony to the front overlooking the sea and harbour. A pleasant place to have a drink and watch the sun go down.

The Rashleigh Inn on the beach at Polkerris

We had our lunch with us so sat on the harbour wall with our mug of tea and a pasty.

Polkerris harbour wall and boats

Looking from the harbour wall it shows how secluded Polkerris actually is. If travelling by car there is only one narrow road in and out of the village so it's necessary to use the car park. There are a few spaces behind the Rashleigh Inn but these are usually filled.

Looking across the cove at Polkerris

From the harbour wall you can see the Rashleigh Inn and another food outlet.

Looking inland to the Rashleigh Inn at Polkerris

The Cornish flag was flying high on the harbour wall - a white cross on a black background.

The harbour wall and Cornish flag at Polkerris

Also on the wall are some cannons - embedded in the harbour wall!

Cannons embedded in Polkerris harbour walls

As I said earlier this was a fortified cove and it is believed that these canons are from the Napoleonic Era.

Ancient cannonson the Polkerris sea wall

Polkerris is a very pleasant place to visit and can be approached from coastal footpaths to the west and east - if you are a walker.

Tresco Maid in Polkerris Harbour

To leave Polkerris it's back past the Rashleigh Inn … 

Rashleigh Inn entrance at Polkerris

… and time to face the steep path and steps up to the coastal path. From the top another look at Polkerris and the wonderful coastline. It's a touch of magic when the sun is shining and the sky is blue. It looks a little different though in the winter, as a previous post Polkerris The Fortified Cove, Cornwall shows.

The harbour at Polkerris


  1. It is indeed a magical place Mike, I love boats & water so this really appeals to me. I prefer the tide to be out for these secluded places as it allows people to walk around the boats and I find it more interesting than a flat scene of water.
    These are lovely photo's and you described the walk well.

    1. Thanks David. We both enjoy the coastline and the coastal path that stretches all around Cornwall. It's interesting to pick out a section and enjoy a walk with different views. It always amazes me how few people walk the coastal path.




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