Monday 4 March 2019

Polkerris The Fortified Cove, Cornwall

Looking down on Polkerris Beach, Cornwall

Polkerris cove, Cornwall, is quietly tucked away from the hectic world down a very narrow lane. The village itself is small but has the advantage of having the Rashleigh Inn right on the beach - a perfect place to watch the sun go down.

The photo above was taken from the cliff top coastal path.

Looking out to sea at Polkerris Cove, Cornwall

The name Polkerris is a bit of a puzzle. History shows it was once known as Polkeryes. It is believed that the first part of the name may have originated as 'Porth' meaning harbour or haven in the Cornish language. Later the second part of the name became 'kerris' meaning to fortify or enclose - which ties in with the photo below.

Yes canons, and they are embedded in the harbour wall - part of the fortifications perhaps. It is thought that they are from the Napoleonic era

During the 18th century the harbour was developed for pilchard fishing. A quay was constructed around 1735, together with fish curing cellars.

Polkerris Cove, Cornwall

Nowadays Polkerris is a popular place for visitors to enjoy the small beach, rock pools, watersports and the spectacular views across St.Austell Bay. 

The Inn on the beach has a range of food and drinks.


  1. Super photographs Mike and, together with the information, aan interesting post.

    1. Thank you David. It's a pleasant cove, the road down to it though is quite narrow and parking is limited - but it still gets busy in the summer months,




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