Thursday 4 July 2019

Raining In Cornwall But There's A Rainbow Melting Troubles Like Lemon Drops

White Hart Hotel & Red Bank at Sy.Austell

A shorter than usual post today as I have had a small computer problem - but will soon be sorted! Plenty of photos on my previous post - 24 to be precise.

Anyway, today's four photos show that it does rain in Cornwall at times. The photos are all of St.Austell. Above shows the White Hart Hotel, Restaurant and Bar with the 'Red Bank', a Grade II listed building, in the background.

The listing for the Red Bank reads:

"A large 'Queen Anne' style 4 storeyed bank building occupying a prominent location in the centre if St. Austell. The building was designed by Silvanus Trevail and was completed in 1898"

Opposite the White Hart is the Holy Trinity church, where a Royal Mail van (photo below) decided to park while deliveries were made.

Royal Mail delivery van by Holy Trinity Church

The Holy Trinity Church  tower dates back to between 1478 and 1487, though there has been a church here for many more years.

Holy Trinity Church, St.Austell

I'll finish with a rainbow above the chimney pots - where troubles melt like lemon drops - well that's how the song goes.

Have a Happy Day.

A rainbow over the roof in Cornwall


  1. Maybe only a few photo's but you've kept to your usual high standard. I like the information you provide, I like researching the subjects on my blog and usually use Wikipedia.
    The rain didn't spoilanything, hope you sort your computer problems.

    1. Thanks David, computer all sorted now. Looks like its going to be a lovely day in Cornwall, lots of blue, clear sky at the moment.

  2. On this Independence Day it is raining here in the central US as well! Cornwall rain doesn’t appear to impair the beauty and a rainbow is always a special treat. Lovely post, as always!

    1. Hello Ann, luckily the weather here has changed for the better, blue sky and sunshine. But on a downside the traffic is building up as the tourists (emmets!) are heading this way. Hope you had a lovely Independence day.



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