Friday, 8 March 2019

From Charitable Daffodils to Loot and Extortion

An arc of daffodils

Just a few days ago life seemed to be all daffodils and blue sky. The arc of daffs in the phot0 were planted originally on behalf of the Marie Curie charity who offer care and support through terminal illness. Their symbol being the daffodil.

At the time of writing though it's now grey and raining - and I have a job to do - decorate our living room! So we headed off to Trago Mills Liskeard branch to buy paint and wallpaper. 

They are housed in quite an unusual store, it's more like a big castle, with its own river, than a massive shopping centre.

Trago Mills, Liskeard, Cornwall and river

Of course, when we arrived it was raining! So not many photos.

Over the years the original Trago owner, and now his son, have had clashes with authority. Their tongue in cheek response is to erect statues in their large grounds to make their opinions known. There are dozens of them.

For example the photo below is an opinion of UK's taxes - loot and extortion.

Statues at Trago Mills, Liskeard

Another statue, below, is making a point about pillaging and plundering - now who would do such a thing ...

Pillaging and plundering statues at Trago Mills, Cornwall

And finally a photo of the river and the store.

Trago Mills Liskeard and river

Oh dear decorating - what fun!


  1. A bit tongue in cheek? But still making a point. Unusual DIY store, nice pics.

    1. Thanks David, it is an unusual store. When we came to Cornwall it was a series of tin sheds but since then the owner has transformed it into, what looks like, a castle. They sell nearly everything and the prices are better than elsewhere.

      As for decorating not too keen :-)

  2. Ah I remember the weekly rant in the Cornishman so well - Happy decorating!

    1. Off to work we go ... I don't really mind. I did the hall and stairs before Christmas and promised to do the living room in the New Year - but can't find any more excuses not to get on with the job now! Thanks Christine.

  3. It sounds like a place that would be fun to wander around in and see what's there! You have a big task ahead if you are papering. That takes more skill and patience than I have! It's always nice when it's done, but not during the mess. Good luck. And I bet the store owners' conflicts are good for business as people wait to see what's next! Fun post, Mike!

    1. Thanks Ann. Only papering one wall - thank goodness - the rest will be painted. Shouldn't be too bad, always seems worse than it actually is. Our hall, stairs and upstairs landing took me a long time though - 9 doors!




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