Wednesday 21 August 2019

The Coincidence of a Link Between Germany and My Wife in Cornwall

Dithmarschen Way, St.Austell, Cornwall

Here's something a bit different today - how a coincidence can stare you in the face but goes unnoticed.

My wife and I were going to a car boot sale that is held in the car park of the council offices. We have often driven down this short road, off the A390. For the first time though we noticed that it is called Dithmarschen Way.

"Good gracious," said my wife, "Dithmarschen is where my mother was born."

So I stopped the car and she snapped the above photo out of the car window.

German coat of arms in Cornwall
 Dithmarschen is in Germany and is a district of Schleswig-Holstein where my wife was born! Though she has been in England since her late teens. 

Hardly an earth shattering coincidence but there is a bit more. My wife had received a letter (remember them!) from her cousin in Germany, who wrote that she had just visited Dithmarschen.

How strange that the place we chose to live in Cornwall would have a link to my wife's heritage in Germany. At times it can seem a very small world.

I have since found out that the former Restormel area in Cornwall has been twinned with Dithmarschen for nearly 30 years.

Another coincidence:
The Coincidence Meeting At Boscastle, Cornwall


  1. It's strange how we go about our business & then notice something that was there all the time. In your wife's case though the coincidence adds a lot to the story, especially as another area of Cornwall has been twinned with Restormel.

    1. Thanks David. I've been interested in coincidences for quite a few years and have had a few strange happenings. I've come to the conclusion that life is a coincidence. For example, if our great-great-great-grandparents hadn't have met - perhaps by chance - we wouldn't be here now and the world would be a different place.



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