Saturday 20 June 2020

Walking Gover Valley, Cornwall: Wild Flowers and the Dreaded Japanese Knotweed

Gover Stream, Gover Valley Cornwall

A dull rainy day but we wandered along the Gover Valley. 

The Gover Stream gurgled along happily as we walked and there were flowers, weeds and herbs for company. They all looked quite healthy because of the recent heavy rain.

Gover Valley, Cornwall, wild flowers

Gover Valley, Cornwall, wild flowers

Gover Valley, Cornwall, wild flowers

Gover Valley, Cornwall, wild flowers

Gover Valley, Cornwall, wild flowers

We reached some, what I believe to be ovens, left over from the china clay industry which once thrived in Cornwall.

China Clay industry remnants, Cornwall

We decided to turn round here and retrace our steps, the stream was still making its merry way to the sea.

River, Gover Valley, Cornwall

Ah, but now we came to some unwanted visitors: Japanese Knotweed! It's the plant to the right of the photo below. Yes, it looks innocent, and later will have nice pink flowers, but it isn't. 

To quote the UK Government web site: You could be fined up to £5,000 or be sent to prison for up to 2 years if you allow [Japanese Knotweed] contaminated soil or plant material from any waste you transfer to spread into the wild. 

Japanese Knotweed, Gover Valley, Cornwall

Sadly there is a lot of this knotweed along Gover Valley. It's difficult to eliminate despite the area having been treated.

Gover Valley wild flowers, Cornwall

Moving on we returned home safely!

My wife has been making coronavirus masks. I think she's made over 50 and they have been distributed to relatives, friends and neighbours - whether they want one or not!

Coronavirus masks

Seriously though, masks are now advisable when out and about in crowded places and are compulsory when travelling in buses and trains. Looks like she still has lots more material.


Thanks for the visit, stay healthy.


  1. Lots to see on this walk, the wild flowers are impressive. The facemasks look very well made, and so much better than the eye medical ones

  2. Don't know where that "eye" came from in my previous comment, it's that dreaded predictive text again 😠

  3. Thanks David, this is our usual walk from home. My wife used to do a lot of dressmaking - weddings and all sorts of clothing. It's just a hobby for her nowadays. Enjoy Father's Day!

  4. You have a great variety of vegetation on your walks, and I love seeing the moss covered stone areas. One of my favorite activities with children is making moss gardens in old pie tins. I’m not familiar with the Japanese knotweed but from reading I’ve learned that it is used for medicines. We have invasive plants all over, including the beautiful purple thistle which can choke railroad tracks. The masks look great. I’m glad that people are making AND wearing them!

  5. Hello Ann, moss gardens sounds a good idea - once this social distancing comes to an end. The Japanese knotweed looks lovely in flower but the roots can damage properties, it will work its way through the foundations.
    Trust all is well, all good wishes.



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