Friday 30 April 2021

The Peaceful Holy Well and Chapel at Menacuddle Cornwall

Today it's Menacuddle with its Holy Well and small chapel. I have previously covered this in an older post - see The Secretive Menacuddle Holy Well and Chapel, Cornwall - but its appearance changes with the seasons.

It's now rhododendron time so lots of red and pink flowers. 

And a few yellow flowers as well.

I like wandering around the area, especially when there is no one else about, which mostly seems to be the case on the occasions I have visited. It seems to be off the tourist trail.

There is a small lake, though it has a green topping at the moment.

It's very pleasant to sit and just enjoy. A while back I brought one of my wife's German relations here and she was fascinated by the Holy Well. She filled a large bottle with the water to take back to Germany. She now looks twenty years younger - okay, I lied about the last bit!

As I have written previously the Holy spring water was once held in high regard for its curative powers. Sick children were regularly bathed here and the Victorians recommended the drinking of its salubrious fluid. It was also used to treat ulcers. 

Anyway, I wandered back through the gardens.

There's a picnic area, all on it's lonesome.

The small chapel below is where the holy well lives.

Here's a better photo of the small chapel I snapped a while back, from a different angle. As I mentioned earlier Menacuddle changes with the seasons.

Details of how to find Menacuddle can be seen on my Post : The Secretive Menacuddle Holy Well and Chapel, Cornwall

Thanks for visiting my blog, good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. Such a fascinating post, Mike. It's not an area I know at all. I like the look of the little waterfall, too.

  2. Hello Caroline. An attractive area and it seems to be off the normal tourist trail. All good wishes.

  3. What a pretty looking chapel and place Mike! The bottle with restorative powers made me laugh. Were you tempted to cross the stream via the fallen tree? Lulu x

    1. Thanks Lulu, it's pretty little area. I didn't cross the stream by that fallen tree but I can see the temptation. All good wishes, enjoy May.



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