Thursday 17 January 2019


Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum
Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum
After a rainy, blowy night the morning couldn't make up it's mind what to do. It was grey, it was blue, it was dry, it was drizzly. But, regardless, we wandered round Cornwall's Clay trails with fingers crossed.

We parked our car at Wheal Martyn - Cornwall's China Clay Museum. The china clay people in the photo are at the entrance.
chimney, St.Austell
An ornamental chimney with pictures representing the clay industry
From the museum it is possible to walk a trail to the Eden Project - about five miles distance. We, however just followed our feet!
Cornwall china clay lake
A china clay lake
We passed a China Clay lake where nature has taken hold. It's hard to believe this was once a hive of activity.
Clay trail, St.Austell, Cornwall

Part of the China Clay Trail
Walking part of the clay trail the weather became more unsettled. The hills are the spoils of the clay industry, now covered by shrubs and greenery.
China Clay Lake, once a quarry
Another China Clay Lake, once a quarry
Walking part of the clay trail the weather became more unsettled. The hills are the spoils of the clay industry, now covered by shrubs and greenery.
The China Clay Countryside
In the area the side roads are very narrow but the grey of the china clay was on view.
Narrow roads
More narrow roads before heading back to our car.
China Clay country, Cornwall
Another view of the China Clay country, Cornwall


  1. The reclaimed land is beautiful but it would be fascinating to see it long ago during operations. The lakes remind me a lot of the granite quarries in New England. I have always associated fine china with Britain but read recently that Wedgwood is now produced in Indonesia. I like this post a lot. Very interesting to see these pictures. What a fine walk you had!

  2. Thanks Ann.
    I find it sad that names such as Wedgwood are now manufactured in other countries. It appears that only a small number of Wedgwood high-end products, like hand-painted figurines and the blue and white china, are made in England. To think the company was started over 250 years ago.

    Unfortunately this is typical of so much nowadays, our UK manufacturing industries have almost disappeared.

    Going back to the clay industry. When I moved to Cornwall I was manager of a finance company and it seemed at the time that nearly all our customers / clients worked for the clay industry. But not any more. Times change and, in some sectors, not always for the best.

  3. We are the manufacturer of China Clay & it is manufactured by a novel process developed by our R&D department having tremendous experience in precipitation and particle size/morphology control technology.

    1. Interesting that you are in the China Clay industry. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  4. Where are you from Mike originally ?. I see you love Cornwall..Warm greetings...

    1. Hello Julio. I have lived in Cornwall for 40+ years but was born in West London. Thanks for leaving a comment. Good wishes.



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