Monday 11 March 2019

More Flavour of Cornwall's Eden Project - 14 Photos

Biomes at Eden Project, Cornwall

The day was confused and couldn't make up its mind whether to be sunny or rainy. But we had planned to go to Cornwall's Eden Project so that's what we did. All seemed well at first.

Walking down to the Eden Project, Cornwall

But then it rained, it poured down and not another person in sight. So we headed for the biomes.

Raining at the Eden Projcet, Cornwall

The Rain Forest biome was pretty steamy and my camera misted up as soon as I tried to take any photos.

Rain Forest biome at Eden Project, Cornwall

In the biome there was, however, the photo by Sebastiai Salgado (as below). It was there to make a point about the uncontacted people of the world. To quote:

"The uncontacted Awa People, of the Amazon Rainforest, are particularly vulnerable. Like all uncontactable tribal peoples they could be wiped out by violent loggers who steal their land and resources, and from diseases like flu and measles to which they have no resistance."

Awa people photo at Eden Project

The orchids I tried to photograph gave off a pink mist - and my lens kept steaming up ...

Ponk orchid at Eden Project, Cornwall

... so we moved in to the, Mediterranean biome.

Mediterranean Biome at Eden Project, Cornwall

Lots of colour and a pleasant temperature inside.

Flowers in Mediterranean biome, Eden Project, Cornwall

I snapped a few flowers and ...

Flowers and plants in Mediterranean biome, Eden Project, Cornwall

... grasses.

Grasses in biome at Eden Project, Cornwall

Several birds reside inside the biome and I managed to get quite close to the little fellow below - he seemed quite friendly.

Bird in Mediterranean biome, Eden Project, Cornwall

We left the biomes and wandered round the gardens and finally the wild section.

Wildness at Eden Project, Cornwall

It was time to leave as the dark clouds were rolling in again and we had quite a walk to the car.

Eden Project biomes, Cornwall

Like many tourist attractions nowadays you have to exit by going through their shop. Somehow I managed to resist the Cornish cider!

Cornish Cider

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  1. Lovely photo's and such a diverse & interesting place. I'm curious about your camera & lens, did they dry out ok without any lasting problems?
    The grasses, flowers and even a bird are impressive.

  2. I'm concerned that with the closing down of G+ we may lose our blogspot blogs also. I've not heard anything to suggest that but wondered if you knew anything?
    Just in case, I've started a WordPress blog with the same name as my current one, but it's so complicated. I hope we can continue with our current blogs.

  3. Hello David, by the time we had walked to the Mediterranean biome the lens was quite dry and clear - so no ill effects from the heat and dampness,

    As for Google blogs closing, I haven't heard any such stories, I hope it doesn't happen. My Cornwall blog has only been running since late December last year but I have another blog, which I rarely update, that has been going for a few years, and has had 6.5 million views. I have Google Ads on the blog so I make a few pounds each year with this.

    This makes me think that Google blogs will stay - as they are making money out of blogs that have ads running. Fingers crossed that they continue.



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