Sunday 14 April 2019

A Walk At Lerryn, Cornwall With River and Country Views, Woods and a Church With Celtic Crosses

Lerryn Bridge, Cornwall
There is a very pleasant walk from Lerryn, Cornwall which takes in river and country views, woods
and a church with Celtic crosses.

We parked our car at Lerryn and crossed the River Lerryn using the stepping stones (right) - this can only be done when the tide is low as the river is tidal. The alternative is to use the 500+ year old  bridge as per the photo at the top of the post.

Once to the other side. it's initially just a matter of following the path alongside the river.

Lerryn River, Cornwall

The path soon ends and into the woods we go, still easy going. I guess the total length of the walk is just over five miles.

Entering Ethy woods at Lerryn, Cornwall

As the path through the woods steepens there are lovely views over the river (below).

Walking by the Lerryn River, Cornwall

As the woods fade away we have to hop, well climb, over the style and into a farmer's fields. 

A style to climb over on a walk in Cornwall

There are often cows or other animals roaming about but this is a public right of way, so they no doubt get used to walkers.

Cows in a field in Lerryn, Cornwall

We leave the River Lerryn behind as it becomes the River Fowey but continue walking along the bank as we are nearly at St.Winnow.

Fowey River near Lerryn, Cornwall

We reach St.Winnow and head into the church where there are some lovely examples of Celtic crosses.

Celtic crosses at St.Winnow church, Cornwall

 St.Winnow Church was founded in the 7th century and was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086.

St.Winnow, or St. Winnoc, was an evangelist who set up many churches and died around 717 AD. The church tower was most likely added in the 15th century.

The church itself found a fame back in the mid to late 1970s when it featured in the first series of television's Poldark,  based on the books by Winston Graham, which were  set in Cornwall in the 1700s.

St.Winnow church, Cornwall

When following this walk we often sit for a while in the churchyard. It's pleasant to look across the river - more Celtic crosses - though it turned a little hazy. 

Celtic Crosses and graves by the Fowey River, Cornwall

Memorial to Sir William Sawle

While at the church I noticed an old memorial (as above) to Sir William Sawle who died on the 16th of February 1651. The verse reads:

When I was sick most men did deem me ILL
If I had lived I should have been so still
Praised be the Lord, that in the Heavens doth dwell

Who hath received my soul, now I AM WELL

Then it's off again into a farmer's field with a well trodden path.

Farmer's field by the Lerryn River, Cornwall

Nice to look back at the river and the animals in the fields.

Lerryn River with cattle and trees

Now it's back into the woods along an easy path.

Path through Ethy woods, Cornwall

Once finally out of the woods there are more fields, with many fine old oak trees - until we eventually  return to the stepping stones / bridge.

Mature trees at Lerryn, Cornwall

Yes, a very pleasant easy walk.

Map of Lerryn walk, Cornwall


  1. This is a really interesting walk through lovely countryside, I'm always attracted to water be it river or sea. Great photo's and accompanying information as usual.
    I'm so relieved and glad Google did not call time on blogger as they did for G+, I had set up a WordPress blog in readiness, just in case but I'm used to blogger.

    1. Thanks David. Me too - I like walking by the sea or rivers.
      I've never tried WordPress, I'll carry on with Blogger for the foreseeable future.

  2. Beautiful photos and the right information to get attracted to explore there while walking along a lovely river.

    1. Hello, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment - appreciated.



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