Thursday 18 April 2019

Mevagissey, Cornwall - Where It's A Good Job That Cows Can't Fly!

Mevagissey, Cornwall

On Tuesday we were in Mevagissey and I snapped a few photos as we walked around the harbour. The car parks were virtually full. The Easter visitors have arrived early! But, in saying that, there weren't too many people walking about.

Harbour wall and lighthouse at Mevagissey

The weather was strange. and couldn't quite make up its mind what it was going to do. It got quite dark but the precipitation never materialised. 

The tide was in so lots of small boats were within the inner harbour walls. Mevagissey looks at its best when the harbour is full of water.

Lots of  seagulls flying about and one made a direct hit on the back of my jacket. Some say this means good luck - but it didn't feel very lucky! I think I've read that it was originally a Turkish belief. I remember though, as kids, we had a rhyme about this:

"Ah!" said the farmer wiping his eye,
"It's a jolly good job that cows can't fly." 

Boats at Mevagissey harbour, Cornwall

More boats and harbour views in the next three photos.

Mevagissey harbour, Cornwall, England

Boats, Mevagissey Harbour, Cornwall

Mevagissey harbour, Cornwall

The fellow below was drying his wings after a successful food finding mission

Drying his wings at Mevagissey, Cornwall

Mevagissey Hill looks down on the harbour from on high.

Mevagissey Hill, Cornwall

A couple were fishing by the harbour wall near the lighthouse, but I didn't see any evidence that they had managed to catch anything.

Mevagissey Lighthouse, Cornwall

There are steps for those wanting to travel to the top of Mevagissey Hill. But, even at the top, there is still a way to go along the road to get to the highest point. 

Stairs to climb cliffs at Mevagissey, Cornwall

We always enjoy visiting Mevagissey.

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  1. I enjoy boats & harbours, Mevagissey is a fascinating place. Super photo's as usual.

    1. Thanks David, we often wander round Mevagissey harbour. Have a good Easter, the weather should be okay - hopefully.

  2. Thank You, Mike, very interesting as always. The bird on Your photo is Cormorant.




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