Tuesday 30 July 2019

Par Market: More Than Just Being The Largest Market In The South-West

Parking at Par Market

Par Market: okay, markets aren't exactly my favourite places to visit but this one does have some advantages. Firstly it claims to be the 'Largest in the South-West' and it is indoors, should you want to shelter from the rain - oh and it has Public Toilets ...

... and a picnic area if the weather is suitable ...

Picnic area, Par Market

... and somewhere for the children to run free ...

Children's Play Area at Par Market

… and also somewhere to walk the dog.

Dog walking area, Par Market, Cornwall

The market has a Food Hall with lots of fresh products and there is also a choice of places to eat or have a tea or coffee. To quote the market's literature:
"You will find some of the best local produce including meat, fish, fruit & veg, a bakery, cheese, wine, desserts and some quirky food items! 
There are also hot and cold meals served from several food vendors suitable for any time of the day including breakfast, fish and chips, fresh pasties, sandwiches, burgers and more!" 

There is a free car park.

Opening Hours (as at today's date) open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 5 pm.

The Food Hall is open Wednesday to Sunday again 9 am to 5 pm.


  1. I think this looks like a fun way to spend some time! While not an everyday adventure, places like this offer a good distraction and something to do. It appears to have something for everyone and their dogs!

    1. Hello Ann, thanks. There were lots of cars at the market today as we drove past - it's a dull, showery day so an alternative to the beaches.

  2. A different sort of post from you this time Mike. Ok, not my thing either but with a food hall, picnic area and somewhere for a dog I could be tempted.

    1. Thank you David. The market is nicely laid out and there are some special children's activities next door (at a price, of course). Showery here today so the market was busy as we drove past.



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