Saturday 16 November 2019

The Golitha Falls on the Fowey River and Other Nearby Interesting Places to Visit

We stopped for a brief while at Golitha Falls, which is part of the Fowey River, Cornwall. The falls are always fast moving as they descend some 300 feet.

The Draynes Bridge, above, was built back in 1876, and is made of local granite stone.

There is a story that the last King of Cornwall, Doniert, drowned in the river in the year 875. 

King Doniert's Stone is nearby, see my post: The Ancient Stone, Over 1100 Years Old, Known As King Doniert's Stone

Also nearby are the Three Hurlers Ancient Stone Circles on Bodmin Moor.

And, nearly forgot, the Jamaica Inn, as featured in Daphne Du Maurier's book of the same name, is also within easy reach from the falls.

The Golitha Falls are managed by Natural England and this is described as a site of Special Scientific Interest. It is claimed that there are over 98 rare mosses to be found here and 50 species of liverwort.

Draynes woods, through which the falls flow, is an ancient woodland of oaks and hazel coppices. All in all it's an interesting spot to visit and has some marked walks.

The Golitha Falls are 3 miles north-west of Liskeard and 1.2 miles west of St.Cleer. At St.Cleer you will also find the 5000 Years Old Mysterious Trevethy Quoit - photo below taken in the summer!

Trevethy Quoit over 5000 years old

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