Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Pinetum Gardens, Holmbush, St.Austell: 30 Acres of Trees, Plants and Flowers

Colourful heather in Cornwall

On Sunday we visited Pinetum Gardens, Holmbush. We hadn't been there for about seven or eight years and were quite impressed.

Colourful heathers in Cornwall

Everything seemed so much improved  than I remember. Best of all, as you will see by the photos, there was colour and flowers on display. Great to see in January.


There are some 30 acres to explore and they claim that they have one of the largest plant collections in the country.

Early daffodils in Cornwall

There are ten different style gardens within Pinetum such as: a Cornish Country Garden, Japanese Garden, Woodland Garden and so on.

White and pink camellia flower

There is lots of openness, so plenty of room for children to run free. We had our grandchildren with us. I think they enjoyed the rope ladder most as they were able to climb high in a tree.

Flowers in January

We also had our son's dog with us - a red fox labrador - yes, dogs are welcome too.

Pink camellia in Cornwall

There are ponds and ducks, green fields, mature trees and much, much more.

I'll do another post on Pinetum Gardens, with photos of the trees, open spaces and so on.

Camellia in Cornwall

Pinetum Gardens is on the A390 Holmbush Road, between St.Austell and St.Blazey, Cornwall.

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  1. I need to visit Cornwall. To me this looks like a paradise.

    1. Hello Trish, thanks. I guess I only show the best bits! We are happy living here, lots of beaches to walk and some lovely fishing villages. Hope all is going well for you this year.

  2. Super beautiful botanical photos, Mike!

    1. Hello Ann, many thanks. It's good to see some flowers this time of year.




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