Monday 24 February 2020

14 Photos of DuPorth Beach, Cornwall

Following on from previous posts mentioning Duporth Beach today we are actually on the beach - and what's more the sun is shining. Pretty good for February.

Duporth means two coves in the Cornish language. On some older maps it is shown as Du Porth.

Access to the beach is only via the South West Coast Path. There are steps down from the path. The beach is backed by high cliffs. 

The photos above and below show water running down the cliffs. You may be able to see a light coloured rainbow as the sun shines on the water in the photo below.

It has to be mentioned that the cliffs are subject to rock falls - see the sign below.

Lots of rocks on the beach.

The cliffs are higher at the far end of the beach.

More rocks.

Interesting how the rocks vary - well, at least it is for me.

Looking up at the far end of the beach a tree balances precariously on the edge.

Rocks of all sorts reaching the water.

Looking back along the beach

For most of the time we were the only two people on the beach, but two men and a woman arrived walking with their dogs.

There are a few houses on the top of the cliffs. The coastal path passes in front of the houses along the cliff tops.

Back to the steps leading down from the coastal path.

Note that there aren't any facilities, toilets etc. on the beach - and there isn't a car park. This means the beach doesn't get overcrowded.

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  1. Good to see blue sky & sunshine Mike. I like the picture with the lone tree.

    1. Thanks David, unfortunately the blue sky didn't last for long, have to make the best of the weather when we can.

  2. Beautiful post, Mike, and some of your best photos yet highlighting the rocks both on the cliffs and the beach. I hope the cliffs are stable enough so they don’t erode under those lovely homes! As much as I love the sea I don’t think I’m brave enough to be perched on the edge during the strong seasonal storms we have on our coasts. We have sunshine today and hope you do as well!

  3. Thanks for your kind words, Ann. I think the houses are safe as they are probably further away from the cliff edge than may appear in the photo. I've always wanted to have a house with a sea view but, with the climate seemingly on the change, maybe not such a good idea nowadays. We have had some dreadful weather recently, so much rain. We were lucky though with our Duporth walk. I hope the weather does pick up as we have visitors arriving on Sunday from Germany. Karin's niece and her friend will be staying for a short break. They have seen Cornwall on various TV shows in Germany. Fingers crossed for some sunshine.




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