Sunday 9 February 2020

Walking From Porthpean Beach to Duporth and Charlestown, Cornwall - Part 2

Duporth Beach, near St.Austell, Cornwall

Today I'm continuing from my previous post.

After climbing a lot of steps, from Porthpean Beach, I walked along the coastal path to reach Duporth beach. Photo above and also the two below. 

Views from Cornwall's Coastal Path

Such lovely views. The two people on the beach below look very small!

Duporth Beach, Cornwall, looking down from cliffs

Continuing along the coastal path Carlyon Bay comes into view ...

Walking Cornwall's Coastal path

… but first comes Charlestown.

Walking the coastal path to Charlestown, Cornwall

At Charlestown I did an about turn and headed back to Porthpean. Unfortunately I was limited for time.

There is a sign on a wall showing the way to Porthpean - but you can't really get lost following a coastal path.

Porthpean Beach sign, Cornwall

I was soon at the steps leading back down to Porthpean beach.

Porthpean Beach, Cornwall in January

The beach is considered to be safe and is popular with families - it's a beach that the locals visit.

Beach at Portpean, Cornwall

I noticed a few rock pools and the like as I made my way to the car park ...

Rocks in the water at Portpean, Cornwall

… passing the Porthpean Sailing club.

Sailing boats at Portpean Sailing Club

There has been so much rain recently, water was running off the grass.

And there we are, back at the car park. 

Car Park and charges at Porthpean Car Park

The car park is sizeable. It's quite a narrow road though leading to and from the car park.

Porthpean Car Park, Cornwall

It's lovely walking this stretch of the coastal path with some great views. It's possible to walk the coastal path for many, many miles. I guess walking from Porthpean to Charlestown and returning is only about four miles, so nothing too strenuous.


  1. The pictures from this walk show a different type of coast. Not such large open beaches and the cliffs appear crumbly, more like clay, do they suffer much erosion? The Harbour though has the usual appeal.
    The gales still persist here and we've had a dramatic thunder & lightning storm this evening. Roll on Spring! 😀

    1. Unfortunately there are often rock falls along this stretch of coast, mainly in the winter. On Duporth beach there are signs warning not to sit too near the cliffs. I like these small coves and beaches, never many other people about.

      We had high winds yesterday evening but they didn't last too long. This morning everything is still. I think we have been very lucky here.




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