Wednesday 12 February 2020

A Few Bits and Bobs of My Week in Cornwall

Border Collie

Today a few bits and bobs from my week in Cornwall.

In our garden there is a single flower on our camellia bush, hidden amongst the leaves. More flowers will no doubt follow. 

The camellia must be about six feet high now and is a bit special to me because this is Toby's bush. Toby was our favourite ever dog. That's him in the photo above, a border collie.

When we buried him we bought a small camellia bush to mark his grave and passing. We always refer to this as 'Toby's Bush'. So he is never forgotten.

Flowers in Camellia bush

I suppose one of the favourite visitors to our garden are the robins. There is one who is especially friendly and seems to follow me if I do some work in the garden. I know it's insects or worms he's after, but he's good company.

Robin bird with red breast

A while back I mentioned our 30 year old 
Jade Money Plant. It still has a few flowers.

Flowering Jade Money Plant

A few more photos for today. The first is the path leading to Cornwall's Eden Project. This shows the If you believe ... caption.

The Eden Project was created from an old china clay pit. At the time, who would have believed that this would become a garden which is visited by people from all over the world. It also has the world's largest indoor rainforest! I guess if you believe most things are possible. 

Eden Project walkway, Cornwall

A few early daffodils seen in the woods at Cornwall's  Lost Gardens of Heligan, voted UK's top visitor garden.


And a seagull! Tuck any food, take-aways, ice creams from view when he's about. 

I think he looks quite majestic and I saw him sitting by the bus station in Truro.

Close up of Cornish seagull

Finally, no week would be complete in Cornwall without at least one walk along a beach.

Carlyon Bay sandy beach


  1. What a great set of photo's Mike, varied and quite eclectic but each one has lots to enjoy. I guess you'll know my favourite, Toby looks like a super, very special dog. As they all are of course.
    Lovely post Mike. 😊

    1. Yes, Toby was special, the perfect dog for us. My son and family have a dog, Max, a Fox Red Labrador. We sometimes take him for a walk, but he's a real handful, so full of energy.

      Thanks David.




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