Monday 25 November 2019

The Jade Money Plant Attracts Money!

Jade Money Plant

This is our money plant or jade plant (crassula ovata) which sits in our front porch attracting money into our house - well that's the theory!

What made me write about this today is because I noticed a few flowers are developing, and that is indeed a very auspicious happening.  Money will now supposedly be in full flow according to the world of Feng Shui.

Money Plant Jade close up

Our plant is over 30 years old. I remember buying the plant when my son was small. My wife had to go to Germany, as her mother was seriously ill. My son and I decided to buy this particular plant as a small gift on her return. It was then about five inches tall.

Over the years the plant has thrived, all we have really done is to buy bigger and bigger pots for the money plant.

We are also spreading the 'flow of money' to relations and friends by giving them small cuttings of the crassula ovata. Perhaps I should really say my wife does this. She has another four or five small versions ready to give away, as can be seen below.

Jade Money Plants

You may well have seen these plants in Chinese restaurants and take-aways. They supposedly attract happy, paying customers.

Also in our front porch is a Christmas cacti (Schlumbergera bridgessii) which is now beginning to flower - unfortunately a little too early for Christmas. 

Christmas cacti with red flowers

The Christmas Cacti was originally from Brazil.

Oh well, better finish the post now and see how much money our money plant has attracted today ... shouldn't take me too long!


  1. What an amazing plant, I hope the theory works for you! I know you have a fairly temperate climate but is this plant generally quite hardy? Is it left on your porch all year around?

    1. Our front porch, all windows, is enclosed so the plant stays in position all year round. I have seen a few Money Plants in gardens but I shouldn't think they winter too well.

  2. I’d say that plant is an important family member. Now whether or not it contributes its rightful share is another thing altogether!

    1. Haha! Yes, should be considered a family member - and one of the less troublesome!

      I must admit I am very attached to the plant because of the connection it has with my son when he was small - the two of us had a lot of fun while 'Mum' was away. Happy memories (and my wife's mother recovered for a few more years).



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