Friday 22 November 2019

Beautiful Views of the Fowey Estuary, Cornwall

A long time ago, while waiting to move into our present home, there was some sort of a problem with the seller. This took about a month to be sorted, so in the meantime, we stayed in a small cottage in Fowey. Since then Fowey, and especially the River Estuary, has been one of my favourite places to visit.

There are such lovely views looking down from the footpath. The photo at the top of this post shows the river meeting the sea, with the village of Polruan on the left and the red and white  Gribbin tower - a daymark - on the skyline.

The tower can also be seen on the heading of this blog

The small boat, to the left of the photo below, is the ferry which runs from Fowey to Polruan.

And finally a small helicopter lands in the grounds of the Fowey Hotel.

The name Fowey - pronounced Foy - is from the Cornish language word Fowydh meaning Beech Trees.


  1. Beautiful views indeed and beautifully photographed! I imagine that during your temporary stay in Fowey you wondered if it might be fine to just live there all of the time! Is the lighthouse in the background of the first photo the one pictured on your blog's feature image?

    1. Hello Ann, thanks!

      Yes the tower is the same as on my blog heading. It's a daymark, built on the headland in 1832 and is 84 feet tall. The daymark (without a light) was built to enable ships and other craft to pinpoint the approach to Fowey's harbour.

      Lots of continuous rain here at the moment (for several weeks) so has restricted our days out unfortunately.

      Best wishes.

    2. Greetings Mike! We have had full blown winter AND spring weather in the last 2 weeks. I’m still trying to get my travel photos organized and then I’ll share at last! Cheers!

    3. Hello Ann, I miss your posts on the old G+, any chance of you starting a photo blog?

    4. Thank you, David. I think my years of blogging my mom’s letters wore me out as far as blogging is concerned. I really wish we had a good alternative to G+, but of those I’ve tried, they just don’t appeal to me at this point. I will be sure that you get the harbor photos via email that I’ve just taken in New England. Thanks again.

  2. On our one & only holiday to Devon & Cornwall Fowey was one of the standout places for me, that and Mousehole. Lovely pictures here Mike

    1. Thanks David, both Fowey and Mousehole are very popular in the main season - probably too busy. Out of season is the best time to visit providing the weather is okay.

      I echo what you have said to Ann, would love to see her photos again.




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