Saturday 15 February 2020

Large New Development at Higher Trewhiddle, Cornwall Is On It's Way

New Hotel, St.Austell, Cornwall

This time last year I wrote a post titled The Green, Green Grass of St.Mewan: But For How Long?

On the post I published the following sign of a promised new development.

Sign for new development in Cornwall
The full details of the 'urban expansion' have now been revealed. So the green fields will disappear. Already a roundabout is being built on the A390 - this is the main St.Austell to Truro road.

Road sign for St.Austell, Cornwall

It seems there will be some  460 new homes built. 115 of these will be defined as 'affordable'. It would be nice to think that  these will go to young, local people. Time will tell.

As well as the homes there will be an hotel with 60 bedrooms, a released image shown below.

New hotel, St.Austell

Oh and, of course, a pub and restaurant, looking something like this computer generated image.

New Pub and restaurant for St.Austell

It is said that there will also be six large shops / stores, 612 parking spaces, cycle and footpaths and areas for sports and play areas.

Sadly though, more and more green fields are disappearing. It's a difficult problem as people do need homes, especially affordable homes - and the population is increasing.

As to whether the development will have a detrimental effect on the actual town of St. Austell I guess we'll have to wait and see.

The local Member of Parliament, Steve Double, wrote the following in favour of the development:

"I believe that it is time for fresh thinking to solve the issues that St Austell faces.

Let us work to build the town centre back into a place where people congregate, socialise, eat and drink, and visit small specialist shops. Certain towns in the UK have successfully implemented this model.

We also have to recognise that the large retailers now demand bigger retail units with access to large spaces for car parking.  St Austell town centre cannot offer this.

Major retailers have made it clear that they want to come to St Austell, but do not consider the town centre is able to provide the facilities they require. We have had recent experience of retailers considering the town and deciding to go elsewhere.

Most people I talk to are of the view that progress will only now be achieved by the development of an out-of-town shopping centre, as the town centre has failed to deliver large retailers for too long.

The future for St Austell is a vibrant town centre focusing on people and activities, supported by out-of-town retail facilities."

Hopefully Mr. Double will be proven correct.


  1. I remember this proposal. No doubt there are people in favor of it, and those who are not. This sort of development has happened within a few minutes walk from our house, completely eliminating much of the green space and creating much increased traffic. I can’t say that it has created a sense of neighborhood, merely more of what is popping up everywhere. In the end I suppose it helps for the greater good, but harms the town square and it’s small, independent businesses. I guess progress is for the next generation so it must be accepted! On another note, your stormy weather has made the news here. I hope the worst of it is over now!

  2. Hello Ann, thank you. We have been lucky where we are regarding the storms, lots of torrential rain but no flooding. Very sad to see some parts of the country.

    As regards the new development. My concern is that it will increase traffic on an already busy road, especially in the summer months, and the new large stores / shops will stop people going into the town itself. As it is now, there are empty shops - and this seems to be happening everywhere. Internet shopping is blamed along with high business rates and rents. Very difficult times for independent retailers.

    As regards the houses, and many more being built locally, I guess increased population is one of the major problems of our time to be resolved along with climate change.



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