Tuesday 18 February 2020

A Flavour Of the Old Town of Fowey, Cornwall With 24 Photos

Esplanade, Fowey, Cornwall
A dull day but we had a walk along the Esplanade in Fowey and then into the town.

There are pleasant
views from the Esplanade, as it's quite high and looks across the Fowey River.

River Fowey lokking down from on high

Some of the homes on the edge have a distinct style. Below is The Crab Pot.

The Crab Pot House, Fowey, Cornwall

On the opposite side of the River Fowey is the lovely village of Polruan.

Village of Polruan, Cornwall

The house below, one of a terrace, has views of the river - as can be seen by looking through the window!

House on riversaide at Fowey Cornwall

At the end of the Esplanade we turn right and head into Fowey town. A little damp underfoot because of a fine drizzle!

Fowey, Cornwall, Shops

We soon reach the quayside. Looks so different in the sunshine months when the trees are full of leaves - and there are people strolling about.

Cannons on quayside, Fowey, Cornwall.

Looking along the river from the quayside.

Fowey, Cornwall, Quay

From the quay we walk into Fowey town with the parish church standing high above the shops.

The Fowey Parish church, Fowey in Cornwall

There is an interesting mix of shops.

The Noah's Ark shop, Fowey, Cornwall

The Well House Tea Rooms below was once a merchant's house and is said to date back to 1430. It also offers Bed and Breakfast.

The Well House Tea Rooms and B&B in Fowey, Cornwall. Built in 1430.

Moving on to the Quay Bakery.

The Quay Bakery shop, Fowey, Cornwall

Nearly opposite is the Fowey Harbour Office and steps down to the river. There is a sign on the wall stating that: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert landed on this quay on September 8th, 1846.

Old steps down to the River Fowey, Cornwall

There is a display on the office wall.

Display on Fowey Harbour Office outside wall, Cornwall

The road wiggles a bit and have to be aware that cars also use the road.

Bend in the road at Fowey Cornwall

The road gets quite narrow.

Narrow road in Fowey town, Cornwall

There's The Old Police House at number 44.

Old Police House, Fowey, Cornwall

The small house below has an unusual gate with a Cornish chough bird and the Cornish flag.

Bless the Weather gate in Fowey, Cornwall

Next is somewhere to sit alongside Isla, the Rook with a Book.

Isla celebrates the author Daphne Du Maurier's legacy and her love of Fowey, where she lived. 

One of her books includes 'The Birds' which was adapted for Alfred Hitchcock's classic film of the same name. 

Isla was unveiled by Daphne's son and is on loan to the Town of Fowey,

Isla the Rook with a Book in Fowey, Cornwall

If we look across the river we can see the blue shuttered home, to the right of the photo, where Daphne Du Maurier once lived. She was living here when her  first book, The Loving Spirit, was published.

The village  seen is Bodinnick.

Once Daphne Du Maurier's House, Bodinnick, Cornwall

Walking a little further we reach the Fowey to Bodinnick car ferry - also for cyclists and foot passengers. A crossing of some sort is thought to have been here since the 13th century.

Bodinnick to Fowey Ferry, Cornwall

Further still along the Fowey River is where large boats are filled with china clay for transportation.

China Clay works on Fowey River, Cornwall

We traced our steps from here. Another attractive cottage.

Small cottage in Fowey, Cornwall

Once back on the Esplanade, where we started walking, it's all uphill.

In the distance, in the middle of the following photo, is St.Catherine's Castle high on the cliffs. I visited this a while back. See my post: 
St. Catherine's Castle, near Ready Money Cove, Fowey, Cornwall

St. Catherine's Castle, Fowey, Cornwall


  1. A wonderful tour of Fowey. I like the building style of the houses and shops, even the clay works look interesting.

    1. Thanks David. All looks so much better in the summer (hopefully!). Many years ago, when we were waiting to move into our house, we stayed in Fowey in a small cottage for about five weeks - so has some happy memories for us.



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