Monday 3 February 2020

Walking On The National Cycle Network in St.Austell, Cornwall

St. Austell railway lines and bridge
Looking over the bridge at the railway lines in St. Austell, Cornwall
The weather wasn't too good, it had been raining cats and dogs but we decided on a quick walk along the cycle path at St.Austell - part of the National Cycle Network. I snapped a few quick photos as we walked.

Part of the National Cycle Network in St.Austell, Cornwall

Along the way there are some old industrial buildings where nature is doing its best to make them a little more attractive.

Industrial buildings, St.Austell, Cornwall

Then the sun came out and dried the pathway.

National Cycle Network Pathway, St.Austell, Cornwall

This part of the path is looking down into a valley along which runs the Bodmin Road. A viaduct is used to get trains across the valley.

St. Austell Viaduct, Cornwall

Looking down is, what is known locally as the White River. The river is often coloured white by local china clay deposits.

The White River, St.Austell, Cornwall

Trees grow alongside the pathway sometimes blocking the view.

Trees on the National Cycle Track, Cornwall

I had to zoom in a bit for the next photo. On the opposite side of the valley there is a home for the elderly and an 'Elderly People' sign has been placed by the roadside.

Elderly People Road Sign, Cornwall

Back on track the pathway meanders a little.

Path on National Cycle Network, Cornwall

A peek down into the valley ...

Houses in the valley, Cornwall

… and some more trees.

Trees on the side of the valley, Cornwall

It seems the path is also suitable for horses.

Horses on the National cycle Network, Cornwall

Another look down into the valley, which by now isn't quite so steep.

National Cycle Network houses

From here we retraced our steps as we wanted to go into St. Austell town. Once back on the road there is a viaduct ...

Houses seen through a viaduct arch, Cornwall

… with a view of some of the houses on the west side of St. Austell. The town is the most populated in Cornwall.

West St. Austell houses, Cornwall

Along the road is a house that was once a tollgate in days of old.

Tollgate, Cornwall
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Finally another viaduct used by trains to and from London.

Viaduct, St. Austell, Cornwall

And then the sun came out to play, well at least for a short while.

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